Thread extensions for cable glands and entry systems

Aug. 29, 2023

TE metric thread extensions for cable glands and cable entry systems are secured on the back with a counter nut during assembly, and are used for insufficient thread lengths when mounting on sandwich panels or concrete walls. They’re available in two sizes (M32, M50) and in three lengths (35 mm, 60 mm, 120 mm), which can be easily shortened at designated points. TEs can be flexibly combined with each another, and almost any number can be screwed together thanks to stable construction.

TEs also maintain IP protections of cable glands or entry plates. They’re made of polyamide, and are free of silicone and halogen. TEs have a UL94-V0 fire classification, are self-extinguishing, and offer a -40°C to 140°C temperature range. In conjunction with the counter nut, flattened areas arranged in parallel are used for the width across flats, and make it easier to tighten the screw connection.