Mini connectors add threaded ring for load protections

Sept. 1, 2023

Snap-in 720 and NCC 770 miniature connectors have added angled variants, and added a threaded ring between the contact body and the angled housing. This enables connectors to withstand loads that far exceed standard requirements, even when the force is applied at an angle to the connector axis.

Snap-in 720 and NCC 770 also have contact bodies that can be rotated in 90° steps, allowing users to choose the direction of the cable outlet. Cable routing is reportedly often problematic for housings angled at 90° because bending the cable precisely can be difficult. To address this, binder used an angle of 100° for the new housings, which simplifies cable assembly

Other features include:

  • Snap-in (720 series) and bayonet (770 series) locking system;
  • Solder terminations;
  • Three-pin to 12-pin counts for the 720 series, and eight-pin for the 770 series;
  • 60 V to 250 V rated voltage for the 720 series, and 175 V for the 770 series;
  • Variable cable outlet;
  • > 500 mating cycles for the 720 series, and > 5,000 for the 770 series; and  
  • Available in red, green, blue and white (RAL 9002)

binder USA