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12 new power supplies you should know about

Sept. 17, 2021
Switching supplies with 150% boost

Rhino Pro (DIN-rail Performance Series) PSN and PSD switching power supplies are available in single-phase and three-phase input units, and have universal AC input voltage range (one-phase units), built-in and constant-current circuit for charging applications (three-phase units), and a 150% power boost for up to 7 seconds with Advanced Power Boost (APB). Built-in, active, power factor correction (PFC) is up to 96% efficient. The full-power temperature rating is -25 °C to 60 °C.


Coating protects DC/DC converters

Quint DC/DC converters feature a conformal coating that protects against dust and conductive debris, corrosive gases and humidity; prevents failures due to creepage currents and electromechanical corrosion; and reduces the risk of failure due to vibration and thermal shock. They're approved for use in ATEX, IECEx and Class I, Division 2 hazardous settings. Quint converters are available in 5 A and 10 A versions, feature push-in technology for easy installation, and can withstand temperatures -40 °C to 70 °C.

Phoenix Contact

Up to 40 amps and 95% efficiency

PS1000 series industrial power supply modules can be installed on DIN mounting rails. They provide an interruption-free power supply of up to 40 A. These industrial power supplies are also available with internal redundancy, and can communicate via IO-Link protocol. Some of their other features are high efficiency of typically more than 95%, compact size, and low weight. PS1000 series modules can be used in environments of up to +70 °C.


Ultra-compact SMPs with LED displays

EZPPS series ultra compact, DIN-rail mount, digitally programmable, switch-mode power supplies (SMPs) have two- and three-digit LED displays, and display load voltage and output current. EZPPS keeps track of the total hours it's been on, and provides an early warning alarm for preventive maintenance. EZPPS has a 24 VDC output, ranging from 30 to 240 W, and two pushbuttons for simple field programming of its current limit. EZPPS also has DC output monitoring via a PNP output for providing visual alerts.

EZ automation

300W and 500W at 24V with IP67

Field Power Supply (Fiepos) series includes six, single-phase, 120-240 VAC input, IP67-rated, DIN-rail mountable, switched-mode power supplies. They offer 20% more power continuously at ambient temperatures of 45 °C or less, and provide 100% additional power for up to 5 seconds for high-demand startup loads. Options include models with a DC-OK contact and one output, or eFused models with up to four current-limited outputs, and optional IO-Link protocol.


Efficiency and diagnostic monitoring

SolaHD SDN-D high-performance, DIN-rail power supply from Emerson Automation Solutions is highly efficient, which means less heat is generated, potentially extending the life of all components in the enclosure. Extensive diagnostic monitoring capabilities are possible with SDN-D's optional SCM network communication module, which utilizes popular industrial network protocols to provide critical power supply data to computers, PLCs, DCSs, HMIs and other devices.

Newark Electronics

Saves space and 50 kWh per day E

PROtop power supplies combine performance data with sustainability, reduce energy costs with improved efficiency, save space in dense settings, and increase system availability with a high MTBF and service life. Their increased efficiency is reported to save an average of 50 kWh per day in a medium-sized production facility running approximately 100 PROtop power supplies in a three-shift operation, which adds up to more than 15,000 kWh a year.


Network card manages UPS systems

Powervar iSite Pro network management card allows remote management of UPS systems for secured network environments. It features updated security protocols, detailed user interface with user-friendly dashboards, and the ability to export data and event logs for remotely monitoring power quality and battery health of UPS systems. The card also supports up to 2,048-bit RSA keys for SSL certificates and 256-bit encryption. Users can gain secure access via REST API over HTTPS or HTTP.


Three supplies for reliable power

ECS Economy power supply features superior isolation with 2,500 Vrms protection. Though the standard ECS is configured at the factory to 117 VAC or 230 VAC, it can be field-configured for specific needs. DPS DIN power supplies can power up to 12 4-20mA loops, while DPS 1200 can power up to 60 4-20 mA loops. SMP Surface-Mount compact, precision-regulated, linear DC power supply operate safely from 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F), and includes short-circuit and overload protection.

Moore Industries International

Three flexible, compact supplies

Three Compact 12 VDC power supplies, 787-1201, 787-1211 and 787-1221, are efficient and economical for standard applications, and have the same space-saving housing with pluggable picoMax connectors as the existing portfolio of 24 VDC power supplies. They have fast, vibration-proof, maintenance-free Push-in Cage Clamp connections with pushbuttons, and flexible mounting options, including placement on a DIN rail (suitable for DIN 35 rail) or secured on a chassis mount.


Buffer, redundancy modules for 24/48 VDC

PS9xxx buffer and redundancy modules extend the universal 24/48 VDC power supply series. Together, supplementary PS9xxx modules, PS power supply series and CU81xx UPS series form a coordinated range of solutions for reliable power supply in the 24 and 48 VDC range. PS90xx buffer modules also prevent disturbances caused by voltage dips and fluctuations in the electrical grid or by peak loads, while PS94xx redundancy modules create a redundant fail-safe supply network.

Beckhoff Automation

Safety recognized DC UPS systems

CBI Series UPSs are backup power systems that are UL/CE/C-UL-recognized, including UL60950, and are available in a range of voltage and power configurations. Their power supply, battery charger and battery-controller are incorporated in housings with dimensions from 45(w) x 100(d) x 100(h) cm, and they can be DIN rail mounted. CBI models accept line voltage inputs of 90 to 305 V AC, and cover 12, 24 and 48 VDC output voltages, as well as 36 to 500 W of power. Ambient operating range is -25 to +70 °C.

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