Power Supplies

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Power Supplies

Operational flexibility drives new process power generation

Power systems for plant-level process control continue to evolve, particularly as the quest to create efficient and sustainable operations garners increased importance for industry...
Power Supplies

12 new power supplies you should know about

Switching supplies with 150% boostRhino Pro (DIN-rail Performance Series) PSN and PSD switching power supplies are available in single-phase and three-phase input units, and have...
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Power Supplies

Low-cost power supplies are never a bargain

Functionality always comes first. But when faced with alternate solutions that can do the job, total cost of ownership (TCO) is always the rational decision-maker’s first tiebreaker...
Power Supplies

Wireless industrial devices pose unique set of power management challenges

All these factors need to be considered when thinking about battery life for any installation.
Power Supplies

A practical energy efficiency solution for life science utilizing Industry 4.0

By now, most of us understand the high-level benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) in process manufacturing. But the IoT offers relevant, practical data that can improve your...
Power Supplies

Product roundup: Power supplies shrink to fit

To deliver electricity and added capabilities, many suppliers are scaling down to reduce footprints and fit in confined spaces.
Power Supplies

ProComSol COM-PWR: PC-Based HART Communicator with Power Supply

ProComSol’s COM-PWR is a full-featured, Device Description (DD)-based HART communicator for Windows® packaged with a USB HART modem and integrated +24Vdc loop power supply—making...