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Product roundup: Wire, cable, connectors forge links

Aug. 28, 2019
No one's data is going anywhere without a strong, physical network infrastructure

Control, signal cable in specified lengths

Cut-to-length, 300-V-rated control and signal cable is available in customer-specified, one-foot increments at minimum 30-foot lengths in sizes from 22 AWG to 16 AWG with two, three and four conductors, shielded and unshielded, and carrying UL and CSA approvals. There are also no cut charges, plus no shipping charges on orders more than $49. Cable is cut to length at AutomationDirect’s UL-certified respooling facility, and is available for same day shipping if ordered by 6 p.m. ET. Individual conductors are stranded, tinned copper with PVC insulation in black, red, white and green color codes for easy identification. Shielded cable versions include an overall aluminum mylar foil tape with a tinned copper drain wire for maximum effectiveness against external electrical noise. The flexible PVC cable outer jacket color is industry standard chrome gray.


Splicing connectors use levers

Instead of standard, twist-type connectors, 221 Series Lever Nuts wire splicing connectors join solid, stranded and fine stranded wires quickly and reliably with a simple lever, so no tools are needed. They accommodate standard 24-12 AWG wire sizes and types, or larger cross-section version 20-10 AWG, while quickly installing higher-power-consumption devices. 221 Lever Nuts has also expanded to include 221 Exseries for hazardous locations when used with 221 Ex mounting carrier.

800-DIN-RAIL (346-7245)

Universal RJ45 for fast, simple termination 

DataTuff Industrial RevConnect RJ45 connectors make field terminations faster and easier by eliminating the need for twisted-pair separation in bonded-pair Ethernet cabling with a flexible design that lets the connector core adapt to various outer jacket options. This also helps users find signal issues by sliding the core into a new outer jack to narrow down root causes. RevConnect also features insulation piercing that supports 23-24 AWG Cat 5e, 6 and 6a, which is useful for stranded conductors, and uses UL94 V-O materials and IP20 and other ratings to withstand vibration, noise, extreme temperatures and other harsh conditions.

Belden Inc.

M12 Ethernet for high bandwidth

X-coded IP65/67-rated, industrial M12 connector/cordsets for high-bandwidth Ethernet applications transfer high volumes of error-free data, while Y-coded M12 connector/cordsets transfer data and power. They move up to 10 gigabits per second according to Cat 6a (ISO/IEC 11801), while a metal, x-shaped cross in the connector safely separates the four data pairs from each other, while internal shielding protects the cable from external interference. They're also combining with resistant PUR cables, maintain 360° shielding end-to-end, have a soldered  shield connection between cable and connectors, and come in lengths up to 50 meters. A metal "y" in the Y-coded connector separates its four power transfer contacts from its four signal contacts in the pin arrangement, making it possible to transfer up to 100 megabits per second of data according to Cat 5e, while also providing 2 x 6A power.       

Murrelektronik Inc.

Continuous flex cable

Ölflex Servo FC 7TCE continuous flex cable is the newest TC-ER-approved per UL 1277 servomotor cable that meets the requirements of tray-rated and continuous flex cabling, which eliminates the time, cost and labor of installing two different cable types with connectors. It supports many power and signal conductor configurations, while its ultra-fine copper wiring and high strand count make it highly flexible and easy to install in cable chains with tight bending radii, and give it longevity up to several million bending cycles. FD 7TCE also uses EPR core insulation material for low capacitance, minimizing voltage drop over long distances and reducing unwanted leakage currents. It also features UV resistance, oil resistant I/II, FT4 burn rating, and is rated as a flexible motor supply cable to 1,000 V.

Lapp Group USA

Three-phase for decentralized

Time-tested, high-reliability podis connectors are reported to require no maintenance, and provide simplified, error-free wiring of three-phase power components from one bus cable. Added features include on-site diagnosis, flexible retrofitting and fast commissioning, which are reported to enable 70% faster installations and 30% cost savings. These connectors are part of the overall podis industrial power bus system's holistic concept for power distribution in conveying and other industrial systems, which also includes passive and active fieldbus distributors and accessories.

Wieland Electric
800-Wieland (943-5263)

Compact M12 for power

Because increasingly small, complex devices need more power than original A-code M12 can provide, M12 Power cables and connectors are UL listed and tested under UL 2237 (File E46873), and can handle currents up to 16 A or voltages up to 600 V AC/63 V DC. They're based on the new IEC 61076-2-111 standard, which cleared the way for high-power applications in the familiar M12 form factor. M12 Power includes cable assemblies, field-wireable connectors and panel-mounted receptacles with a quick disconnect system. Because they're designed for a common, 16-mm panel knockout, they simplify panel upgrades. M12 Power connectors come in shielded and unshielded versions, and are available in five different codings (T and L for DC, and S, K, and M for AC) to prevent mismating. Also, the four-pin L-code version is recommended by the Profibus/Profinet user organization for powering Profinet devices.

Phoenix Contact

Defend your cable 

Cable protection system provides a rugged, coordinated portfolio of sensor adapters, cable conduit and cable glands designed for standard cylindrical sensors. Regardless of the sensor used, the right cable protection is available, even for harsh environments. This protection system is also designed to handle chemical exposure, and ensures reliable protection against malfunction in high-temperatures or in applications with moving parts. It also offers the right sensor and suitable terminal box as a complete solution.


Split cable glands add two sizes

QVT-Click split-design cable glands have added 16 and 20 metric sizes for smaller IP54 applications. They provide plug-in or screw-in mounting; enable installation of pre-terminated cables; offer a compact and flat design; can be locked into place on the housing front; and include a ring seal. Suitable for 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm wall thicknesses, QVT-Click works with QT cable grommets for 1 mm to 15 mm diameter wires. Other sizes and special cable grommets such as IP54 are available. They also comply with HL3, Ecolab and RoHs requirements.


RJ45 for high data rates

Field Plug Pro RJ45 connectors are available in 10 Gbit/sec, Profinet, 10/100 Mbit, 25 Gbit/sec and 40 Gbit/sec versions for use with structured cabling. They also have 180° straight and 360° angled with multiple cable outlets, four-pair and two-pair versions, and diecast zinc housings and protected latches. Field Plug Pro's compact design makes it multi-port capable, while being fully shielded. It's also designed for field assembly without special tools; it's suitable for Power over Ethernet (PoE, PoE plus, UPoE and 4PPoE), HDBaseT or other multimedia applications; and communicate via Profinet and EtherNet/IP. Field Plug Pro's two rear position adapters, 4 PA (4 x 90°) and 8 PA (8 x 45°), allow a total of 32 cable positions, but still meets transmission requirements. This also allows jacks that are difficult to access to be reached without problems and without high bending radii.

Metz Connect USA Inc.

Two-piece, three direction

TE Connectivity's Buchanan WireMate two-piece, poke-in connectors deliver a three-direction solution for wall mounting devices and improving the installation experience for novices. They can be installed into or along a wall, and in a twist or rotating motion. Wires are routed through a wall opening, and the connector is mounted on a wall plate. The wires are stripped of insulation, and easily inserted into a terminal block device, providing a reliable termination without tooling.

Newark element 14

Deutsch connectors for mobile devices

Deutsch connectors have added LED 12 VDC and 24 VDC two-pin Deutsch DT overmolded connectors for mobile equipment. They feature an integrated LED circuit on the wedgelock for multi-direction troubleshooting indication, as well as rugged contact design for longevity, while their overmolded design, TPE jacket and IP67 rating adds reinforcement and abrasion and oil resistance. The series also includes a new series of three-pin DTM Deutsch overmolded connectors for mobile equipment and oil and gas applications. They feature the same environmentally robust advantages as the DT connector series, but are intended for smaller wire gauges and lower currents.


Cable entry for light, medium duty

Cablefix X entry system simplifies installation and achieves Type 4X, 12 and 13 ratings with IP65 protection. It's available with 12 or 23 entry points, requires only one enclosure cut out, and is easily installed onto enclosures of any wall thickness with four mounting bolts or a snap-in mounting available for enclosures with 1.5 mm thick walls. Cablefix X also features: easy cable installation by pushing the end through the seal from the front; up to 50% savings on installation space and 80% on installation time compared to individual cable glands; entry points sealed by default, eliminating the need for blanking plugs; standard 112 x 36 mm cutout eases cabinet preparation; and compatibility with all major control cabinets and electrical enclosures.

Lutze Inc.

Ethernet circuit integrity

VitaLink low-voltage, circuit-integrity portfolio has added Ethernet data cables that meet UL 2196 two-hour fire standards for maintaining a constant signal connection to support emergency communications and evacuations. They meet Category 3 channel requirements by TIA-568-C.2, and can transmit data signals at up to 10 Mbps. VitaLink ethernet cables serve data and voice applications, including IP area-of-refuge devices, addressable Class N fire alarms, and emergency VoIP telephones and speakers. They're available in 18 AWG, two- through four-pair shielded constructions, and also meet NFPA 70 and 72, as well as UL's FPLR-LS and CL3R-LS listings, and CSA's FAS 105 ST1 FT4 listing.


Pushed cable entry

KES series gland plates and universal cable entry system allows quick, safe introduction of cables, tubes and pneumatic lines without connectors into cabinets and housings; allow high packing density; and provide IP66 ingress protection with no special fits or screws needed to secure cables. Their polymide frames filled with elastomer are placed on an outside walls; gland plate is pierced with a tool; and wires are pushed through. KES comes in 24 variants for different maximum numbers of lines and cables ranging from 3.2 mm to 20.5 mm, and accommodate up to 32 cables per plate.  


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