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Resource guide: Power supplies juice process control

July 25, 2019
Control's monthly guide brings you invaluable industry information to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments.

Reliability whitepaper

This 16-page technical whitepaper, "Power supply reliability" by Mark Timieski and Robert Schosker, covers built-in redundancy and diagnostics, power reliability with minimal configuration, network data delivery, and standards and efficiency. 


Basics of distribution

This 40-minute webinar, "Basics of industrial power distribution and factory automation for non-technical professionals" by Craig Edlin, covers essential electricity concepts, power distribution, circuit protection, control characteristics, electric motors, PID control and related components. 


Design and setup for 4-20mA loop

This online whitepaper, "Fundamentals, system design and setup for the 4-20 mA current loop," covers the use of current to transmit transducer data, current loop components, transmitter and current measuring DAQ choices, and power supply selection.

National Instruments

UPS presentation

This four-minute video, "UPS basics" presented by Josh Bloom, shows how offline and online uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provide emergency power to a load when regular input power sources are lost, and demonstrates how they can also protect against voltage spikes or surges. 

RSP Supply

PLC power video

The five-minute video, "How  PLC power supplies work" by Kevin Cope, shows how controllers convert and step down AC line voltage into usable DC current, which powers the rest of the PLC and its components. It's accompanied by a blog on the same topic.


Lines, loops and 4-20 mA

This three-part series of  webpages, "Back to basics: the fundamentals of 4-20 mA current loops," "...Loop-powered devices," and "...Loop vs line power" by Simon Paonessa provide some history; show how process control applications are powered; cover 4-20 mA loops parts and pros and cons; define loop-powered devices and their advantages; and examine two-, three- and four-wire connections. They can be accessed here.

Precision Digital Corp.

Digital intro paper

This 30-page paper, "A practical introduction to digital power supply control" by Laszlo Balogh, traces how digital technologies are applied to power supply management, and clarifies digital control for analog power supply designers. It also covers the benefits, limits and performance of digital power control, and compares analog to digital implementations. 

Texas Instruments

Distributed and redundant

To give uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) some added assistance, this two-minute video, "UPS: distributed redundant systems," reports that distributed redundant system (DRS) is the most reliable UPS configuration for reducing downtime because it uses two independent UPS systems, each capable of carrying an entire critical load. Each UPS supports its own independent distribution system, and there are no power connections between the two systems. 

Titan Power Inc.

DIY lab supply series

This series of six 30-40-minute videos, "Lab power supply" by Dave Jones, shows viewers how to design a simple, constant-current, constant-voltage lab power supply that can be controlled by a  microprocessor and software, or use a traditional pot.


Electronic supply basics

These three five- to eight-minute videos, "Basic Electronic Power Supplies," parts 1-3 by Lewis Loflin cover all the basic concepts of power supplies, construction and rectification. 

Bristol Watch

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