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Product roundup: Power supplies

Sept. 21, 2018
Developers bake capabilities into their supplies that give users precise electricity profiles in small spaces.

Two- and three-digit LED programmable 

EZPPS programmable power supplies include two- and three-digit LED displays of output current and output voltage, respectively, at a glance without having to connect to a meter. The built-in displays let these NEC Class 2 models show field-programmable, current-limit using the LED displays and two buttons. They also feature a maintenance timer to alert users about expected unit lifetime, keep track of total number of hours they've been on, and provide an alarm for preventive maintenance and replacement before an unanticipated outage.

EZPPS is available in 30-, 60-, 90-, 120- and 240-W models, which are protected against an output short or an overload with automatic recovery. They include DIN-mount compact housings and plug-in connectors. They're rated for -25 °C to 60 °C, with 95% relative humidity. The 24 VDC output has less than 100 mV peak-to-peak ripple with 1% load regulation; output voltage is adjustable on the front plate from 5% to -10%; and they have 85-264 VAC universal input voltage.


Low-wattage reliability

Quint Power family has added low-wattage, AC/DC power supplies ranging from 30 W to 100 W that let users select a more precise device, while still getting advanced features such as preventive monitoring and power reserve. All the new additions feature Quint Power's power boost of up to 200% of nominal current, which allows inductive loads to start without disrupting output voltage, and eliminates the need for an oversized power supply. They're also reported to be the first small power supplies with configurable alarming, have push-in or screw connections, and are NEC Class 2 classified.

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Up to 500 mA fieldbus power

Trunkguard TPS400 fieldbus power supply delivers 350 mA for non-isolated, energy-limited applications, or 500 mA for high-current-demand applications of isolated, conditioned simplex (non-redundant) or duplex (redundant) power for up to four segments. It has a high-availability, modular design with modules that are hot-swappable with load-sharing in redundant pairs, which maintains segment power if one module in a pair needs to be removed.

TPS400 also has an industrial metal housing, optional pluggable surge protection, and multi-segment H1 connectors that deliver simple, error-free wiring to a DCS and reduce installation time. It also has an economical Diagnostics Module (FDM252) option that provides a master alarm and LED-based alarms for segment noise, DC voltage levels and conditioner status faults.

MooreHawk, a division of Moore Industries-International Inc.

Three-phase added to portfolio

Epsitron power supplies have added three-phase ECO power supplies equipped with levers and push-in Cage Clamp technology for fast, tool-free wiring. Integrated test slots allow simple testing, and a third negative terminal on the output side allows direct grounding. While ECO is compact, it maintains a wide input voltage range, resulting in reliability and high tolerance to voltage fluctuations in power grids. ECO also has three-phase voltage input range of 325 to 575 VAC; two output currents of 20 A and 40 A; LED indication of status monitoring; cULus508 compliance and DC OK contact.

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120 W, 24 V in 32mm

Three new models in the CP Series include new 5A, 24V power supplies with 32 mm width, and up to 94.3% energy efficiency. CP5 Series reduces energy consumption, power losses, and heat generation, providing longer service life of the power supply and surrounding devices. Other include 5x peak current capability for high inrush devices. All three new models are available with a 100-240- VAC wide-range, single-phase input, and can be ordered with screw terminals, spring clamp terminals, or conformal coating for harsh environments. All units have global approvals including UL/cUL and CE. Class I, Div. 2 and ATEX/IECEx for hazardous area locations are planned.


Current limiting, safe triggering

PROtop series power supplies combine dynamic current limiting (DCL) with impulse energy reserves of 600% for 20 ms provides safe, reliable circuit breaker triggering with efficiencies up to 95.4% for longer lifespans. They also include an integrated ORing MOSFET for redundancy or parallel operation without a diode, along with optional communications for data monitoring and transfer to control systems, which make PROtop ready for IIoT and  Industrie 4.0. Parallel operation means two power supplies can be wired together without any external components for active load sharing and redundancy. With a slim footprint and time-saving, push-in connections, PROtop can be coupled for single or parallel operations with adjustable short-circuit response for application flexibility.  


Single-phase, 10 A, small space

The 723600 single-phase, 10 A, 24 VDC, compact, DIN rail-mountable power supply with aluminum housing has a small, 63-mm (2.48-in.) wide footprint, and is more than 88% efficient. This UL 508 listed unit provides 13.5 A for 30 seconds during over-current events, and employs internal-output overload, short-circuit protection, as well as output relay alarm for under-voltage situations. Also, 723600 is economical because it has mean time between failures (MTBF) of 106,880 hours, or 12.2 years.

Lutze Inc.

Connect to modular busbar

Broome 10 is a 240 W power supply with a direct connection to CrossBoard modular busbar system, which has a plug-and-play design the replaces conventional wiring, safely distributes up to 100 A, and offers an unlimited combination of feeder connections, adapters, controllers and electronic devices. Measuring only 45 mm, Broome 10 achieves 95% efficiency, and has an input voltage of 380-480V. They can be connected in series, in parallel or in combination, allowing control voltages of 24, 48 and 72 VDC, and output currents up to 30 A. Broome 10 is IEC and UL certified, and self-protects against short circuits and overheating with an intelligent reset feature.


Ultra slim DC/DC at 15-240 W

Mean Well DDR Series DC/DC DIN-rail power supplies feature an ultra-slim design with fast and convenient installation on TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15 mounting rails. They include 27 models, such as DDR-15, DDR-30, DDR-60, DDR-120 and DDR-240, and have 2:1 and 4:1 input options, adjustable output voltage, 4 KV dc I/O reinforced isolation and full protective functions. DDR series is suitable for industrial control systems, factory automation equipment, telecom/datacom systems, and has -120 W and -240 W models for railways.

TRC Electronics Inc. 

Reliability in small footprint

XCSF120C 24 V is single-phase, 5 A, DIN rail-mounted power supply that only takes up 1.5 inches of space. It features a universal input range from 90 to 264 VDC; short circuit, over-voltage and over-current protection; pluggable wire connections with screw-clamp wire terminations; power-fail alarm indicator; and low efficiency rating of greater than 90%. By attaching an external O-ring diode, it can be used for a redundant parallel connection. 

Automation Systems Interconnect Inc.

Optimum up to 85°C 

TDK-Lambda CUS150M series AC-DC, 150 W power supplies can serve in ambient temperatures up to 85 °C without requiring forced air cooling. They're certified to medical and ITE standards for Class I and II (no earth ground connection), and meet curve B radiated and conducted emissions requirements. Available with 12, 15, 18, 24, 28, 36 and 48 V outputs, CUS150M runs off an 85-264 VAC input, and has operating efficiencies up to 91%. Off-load power consumption is less than 0.5 W and a 10-12 V, 0.5A fan supply is fitted as standard.  The product warranty is five years.

The open frame version is available in an industry-standard 50.8 x 101.6 mm (2 x 4 in.) footprint with a height of 31.5 mm. Convection cooled, it can deliver 120 W at 40 °C, or with forced air cooling, 150 W at 50 °C, 140 W at 70 °C and 75 W at 85 °C.  With u-channel construction, measuring 64 x 116 x 38.5mm, CUS150M can be conduction cooled via a cold plate to deliver 150 W at 50 °C, 100 W at 70°C and 50W at 80°C. Cover or top fan options are also available.

TDK-Lambda Americas
800-LAMBDA-4 (526-2324)

Essentials at optimum cost

Eco-Rail 2 power supplies focus on basic functions to achieve optimum price performance. The series includes five components with current ratings from 1.3 A to 20 A.  Each device’s output voltage can be adjusted from 23 V to 28 V to meet demands of connected products when distance is a factor. Also, connecting two power supplies in series allows output voltage to be increased to 48 V. Eco-Rail-2 is designed for temperature ranges between 0 °C and 55 °C. It's easily mounted on a DIN rail without tools, and screw terminals on the front of the unit make cable connection quick and easy while their UL approval allows worldwide use.

Murrelektronik Inc.

Single-phase EMC filters

RSEV compact, single-phase EMC filter from TDK-Lambda serves a range of applications with 25 db minimum attenuation. It has an integrated terminal block, and main body with captive connection screws to simplify installation, and eliminates the possibility of dropped or lost parts. RSEV has a rated voltage of 250 V (AC/DC) and a lineup of models with a rated current of 6, 10, 16, 20, and 30 A. It carries EN60939-3, UL1283 and CSA C22.2 No 8 safety approvals. A DIN rail mounting attachment will be available.

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