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Power Sources

Dec. 10, 2007
CONTROL's Monthly Resource Guide

Every month, CONTROL’s editors take a specific product area, collect all the latest, significant tools we can find, and present them here to make your job easier. If you know of any tools and resources we didn’t include, send them to [email protected], and we’ll add them to the website.

PoE: End-users Perspectives

VDC has published a report,“PoE: Global Market Analysis,” that discusses the growing penetration for PoE in Ethernet switches. As part of the study, VDC conducted interviews and surveys with PoE end users to determine their current and future PoE solution requirements and preferences. To better understand how legacy implementation for Power over Ethernet have withstood, VDC probed users and vendors to analyze today’s market and industry.

VDC; 508/653-9000

Tech Tip

Tech Tip discusses considerations when paralleling power supply outputs for redundancy. It explains why it takes more than simply paralleling the outs of two or more power supplies to have a redundant power system that will function as intended and explains the reason why an isolation diode must be used with the output of each power supply.

Acopian; 610/ 258-5441

Electrical Safety Video

Electrical Measurement Safety interactive video is aimed at reducing hazards for people measuring electrical circuits. The video has been revised to incorporate the most recent guidelines from the NFPA 70E standard for electrical safety in the workplace, which specifically addresses arc flash hazards. A quick test helps electrical professionals determine whether the test tools they are using meet today’s safety standards.

Fluke; 425/347-6100

Power Quality

Power Quality brochure outlines the benefits of adding power quality solutions to this companies EMC components division. It also provides background information on the power quality industry, including why power quality is important and what some of the key issues are in the industry.

Schaffner EMC; 732/225-9533

Intrisically Safe Ethernet

White paper compares existing methods for explosion protection and intrinsically safe Ethernet with a practical view on the advantages, disadvantages and use cases of each method. Intrinsically safe Ethernet now offers high speed in combination with the live-work benefits and simplified maintenance procedures of intrinsic safety where the connection and disconnection of cabling is possible in the hazardous area of a process without a hot work permit.

Pepperl+Fuchs; 330/425-3555

Electricla Power System Design

Web site introduces a family of products for electrical power system design, Paladin DesignBase. It includes tutorials on starting a new project, project setup and project layout management. There is also information on AC power flow, AC short circuit, AC arc flash, advanced motor starting and more.

EDSA Micro; 858/675-9211

Good Power

Web site lists several resources for engineers seeking information on power quality. There are links to IEEE and CIGRE/CIRED sites, power quality standards, monitoring power quality, harmonics, voltage sags and interruptions, transients, power electronics, wiring and grounding, uninterruptible power supplies and industrial and commercial power systems.

Electrotek Concepts; 865/470-9222

Motor Load Slide Rule

FREE slide rule shows why measuring power is more effective than measuring just amps. Monitoring power gives you valuable information about mixture viscosity, pump or fan flow, beginning or end of a process and optimum feed rate. This easy-to-use tool visually demonstrates the relationship between power, the power factor, amps and motor power.

Load Controls, Inc.; 888-600-3247

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