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Live and active cybersecurity

Dec. 13, 2023
Cybersecurity week 2023: Protections and responses must constantly evolve to meet ever-changing threats and attacks

Because humans typically only respond to sharp jabs and squeaky wheels, most cybersecurity efforts necessarily follow sensational breaches and attacks reported by mainstream news outlets.

However, effective cybersecurity requires more consistent and sustainable responses and protections. Its practitioners and organizations must possess the characteristics of living and breathing entities that can handle the changing conditions, cyber-threats, challenges and responsibilities they face.

Day 1: System integrator QDS adds cybersecurity to power upgrade for New Orleans water/wastewater system. Read more.

Day 2: BW Offshore uses Claroty’s threat detection software, and Tata Steel use Acronis’ data protection and cybersecurity software. Read more.

Day 3: System integrator Interstates emphasizes that security infrastructures must come before the latest protections. Read more.

Day 4: Updated definitions of some of the most important cybersecurity concepts, threats and defenses. Read more.

Day 5: System integrator Velta Technology uses holistic, role-based and improved remote access for security. Read more.

Day 6: System integrator Malisko Engineering advocates examining early and look deeper where cybersecurity is needed, and automating its functions where possible. Read more.

Day 7: Consultant Accenture recommends simulating breaches to determine protections. Read more.

Day 8: A sampling of some cybersecurity vendors and their solutions. Read more.

Day 9: Emerson shows how to get beyond traditional barriers and block-and-tackle methods. Read more.

Day 10: ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance shows how OT and IT can cooperate to defeat ransomware and other cyber-threats. Read more.

Day 11: ABB, Honeywell, Mission Secure and Phoenix Contact share their cybersecurity expertise. Read more.

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Jim Montague | Executive Editor

Jim Montague is executive editor of Control. 

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