Cybersecurity cast of supplier characters

Dec. 13, 2023
A sampling of some cybersecurity vendors and their solutions

There’s an endlessly shifting kaleidoscope of cybersecurity vendors and products, but “you can’t tell the players without a program,” so here are a few of the most recent:  

• Acronis offers Cyber Protect and Cyber Protect Cloud for zero-day malware and ransomware protection, backup, disaster recovery and forensic investigations.

Cisco’s Secure Equipment Access software provides remote access to ICS and OT assets, and lets users enforce cybersecurity controls at scale with zero-trust network access (ZTNA) for industrial networks and harsh environments.

Claroty’s Secure Remote Access (SRA) delivers frictionless, reliable, and secure remote access to industrial environments for internal and third-party users.

Crowdstrike and its Falcon software series deliver a unified platform approach to cybersecurity.

Dragos’ OT cybersecurity platform codifies threat intelligence and insights from its team of ICS/OT practitioners.

Fortinet’s FortiOS, operating system merges networking and security, and serves the foundation of its Security Fabric software.

Industrial Defender’s scalable platform gives users actionable data from their OT and IIoT infrastructure, enabling them to make informed risk management decisions, and manage their OT cybersecurity on one dashboard.

• Mission Secure’s technology and managed services protect  assets with device and network visibility, anomaly and threat detection, policy enforcement and signal integrity validation.

Nozomi Networks offers Vantage, Guadian, Arc and other cybersecurity software platforms and services for OT and IoT applications.

Otorio lets users achieve an integrated, holistic security strategy for ICSs and cyber-physical systems (CPS).

Owl Cyber Defense and its cross-domain, data diodes and portable-media solutions provide network security checkpoints for threat prevention and secure data availability.

Waterfall’s IT/OT integration technologies, such as its unidirectional gateways, guarantee safe, secure and reliable operations

Wireshark and its network protocol analyzer lets users see what’s happening on their networks.

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Jim Montague is executive editor of Control.