Security hot spots: Where protection matters most

Oct. 11, 2005

FROM THE loading dock to the data center to the control room there are hot spots in any facility where security issues matter the most. This series of articles below covers each of these hot spots, including an overview of strategic issues and the state-of-the-art technology for each application. The series is authored by Jim Gompers of Gompers Inc., an industry consultant with more than than 20 years of expertise in the security industry serving industry end-users.


  • Protecting Control Rooms
    The security control room, or security operations center, is often seen as the trophy of an integrated security management system. Senior management likes to see lots of flashing lights and Star Wars-like command consoles to help them feel better about their sizeable security investment. But does a lot of flash and noise equal effectiveness?
  • Protecting Data Centers
    Beyond security of the information systems themselves, the physical security of data centers and data closets is a serious function. Would the interruption of mission-critical systems be a cause for concern? The answer is most definitely “yes.” Yet many companies still leave their data centers open to the general building population, thereby increasing their vulnerability.
  • Loading Dock Security
    The loading dock — that place for unglamorous shipping and receiving — is often overlooked or downplayed in the larger security picture. Here are some examples of simple steps to improve operations that many organizations fail to implement.

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