Genpak plant roof collapses as staff evacuate building

June 15, 2015
Part of building expected to fall completely as firefighters scramble for a plan.
Panic struck Peterborough, Ontario, Canada last month when the Genpak plant's roof collapse and emergency services staff were forced to evacuate. 

The gas feed to the building was shut off and firefighters evacuated everyone from the building, but shingles continued to fall and the roof continued to dip slowly. Firefighters were scrambling to develop a plan in case the roof collapsed completely. 

Witnesses say new shingles were loaded on the roof yesterday, in preparation for repairs.The City's chief building official went into the plant shortly after 10 a.m. to take a look at the structure.

Located at 25 Aylmer St. North, Genpak has 61 employees. It specializes in process packaging for a wide range of products.