Live from Automation Fair 2023

Nov. 9, 2023
The latest news and insights from Automation Fair 2023.

Day 1

The intersection of sustainability and productivity

Rockwell’s Andrea Ruotolo discussed the emergence of “twin transformers” and their likelihood to outperform competitors. Read more.

Inside the ARMI human tissue foundry

The BioFabUSA human tissue foundry at the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) in Manchester, N.H., is automated with Rockwell Automation technology and was a tour destination of industry media in Boston this week for Automation Fair 2023. Read more.

OEMs, tech partners, end users comprise magic triangle

Rockwell Automation’s Paolo Butti sets the stage for OEM-to-OEM discussions at Automation Fair 2023 in Boston. Read more.

PlantPAx to take on mounting process challenges

McKinsey & Co.’s Vivek Arora discussed how leading organizations are overcoming the challenges that the process industries face. Read more.

A lifecycle approach to securing networked assets

Rockwell Automation’s Mark Cristiano discussed how the company and its partners can help end users manage the cybersecurity lifecycle of their OT assets. Read more.

Day 2

Plex connects people to process, productivity and purpose

Anthony Murphy delivered the Plex Summit keynote address at this week’s Automation Fair 2023. Read more.

Why a holistic view on sustainability is required

Kalypso’s Rodrigo Alves, together with Rockwell Automation’s Tom O’Reilly, discussed industry’s progress toward ESG goals this week at Automation Fair. Read more.

How to address the workplace skills gap

Rockwell Automation’s Tessa Myers on the persistent need for not only technical skills for industrial professionals but interpersonal ones as well. Read more.

Why factories care about outcomes, not AI

Rockwell Automation’s Gregory Gernert, Jr., explained how AMRs can literally deliver AI at Automation Fair in Boston. Read more.

Supply chains receiving AI attention just in time

Rockwell Automation’s Brian Shepherd, together with colleague Bob Buttermore, discussed the company’s own pandemic supply chain learnings, and how its new Finite Scheduler offering will reroute plant materials at Automation Fair in Boston. Read more.

Day 3

Rockwell Automation’s expanding technology strategy

Blake Moret, chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation, on the central importance of the human factor in industrial automation. Read more.

Four industrial trends and the tools to navigate them

Tessa Myers shared Rockwell Automation’s latest solutions at Automation Fair this week in Boston. Read more.

Ansari, Kamen believe innovation can save the world

Dean Kamen, president of Deka Research and Development and founder of FIRST Robotics on the next generation of engineers and innovators. Read more.

Microsoft blazes the industrial metaverse trail

Judson Althoff, chief commercial officer at Microsoft, talks metaverse with Blake Moret, chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation. Read more.

FactoryTalk Design Studio accelerates with generative AI

Rockwell Automation’s Adam Gregory discussed early successes in developing an AI copilot for FactoryTalk Design Studio. Read more.

Day 4

Digitalized help on the way for manufacturing challenges

Rockwell Automation CTO Cyril Perducat discussed the rapidly advancing capabilities of generative AI at Automation Fair 2023. Read more.

Otto Motors navigates familiar industrial terrain

Otto Motors’ Matt Rendall explained why the company’s acquisition by Rockwell aligns with user needs. Read more.

Sustainability efforts delivering tangible benefits

Representatives from LanzaTech, Triple Helix and Energy Drive (l-r) stressed that the technologies needed to deliver appreciable sustainability gains are not just available, but widely in use by industry today. Read more.

Downeast Cider realizes double-digit cost reductions

Downeast Cider House’s Grainger Flint explained how Plex MES has benefitted the growing company during last week’s Automation Fair 2023 in Boston. Read more.

People and technology: A time of profound change

The Atlantic’s Nick Thompson discussed the capabilities and limitations of generative AI. Read more.

Cybersecurity: People are your first line of defense

A panel of specialists on the human side of cybersecurity discussed how important people are to ensuring the integrity of operations. Read more.

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