ThermoAnalytics updates sofware, launches new website and rebrands key product

July 8, 2015
Trifecta of news from ThermoAnalytics includes updated software, a refreshed website and a rebranding of product RadTherm.

ThermoAnalytics announces three pieces of key news, including the release of version 12.0 of their software, a refreshed website and their key product RadTherm being renamed TAITherm. 

ThermoAnalytics new version of their CAE software suite is said to provide users with more simulation power and a focus on component temperature limits. The latest version also supports distributed memory parallel processing, which is expected to yield a faster thermal solution. has a new look as well, with a more concise and updated feel. The new site provides users with product information and related content, such as discussions of simulation best practices and is viewable on any device.

Formerly under the name "RadTherm," ThermoAnalytics' original code was developed as a radiation visualization package for analysis of radiation-dominant heat transfer issues. With version 12.0, RadTherm and RadTherm IR development will move forward under the new brand TAITherm and TAIThermIR. ThermoAnalytics will continue using the MuSES brand because its moniker remains aligned with its defense mission: Multi-Service Electro-optic Signature code (MuSES).