Universal Flow Monitors Reinvents Its Website

Nov. 3, 2014
Universal Flow Monitors' new website gives information on choosing the best flowmeter for applications

Choosing a flowmeter can be difficult because there are many technologies, kinds of flow and operating conditions. Universal Flow Monitors' upgraded website helps users make better flowmeter decisions, according to Erik Rosaen, vice-president of marketing.

The site provides educational information on all flowmeter technologies not just the ones manufactured by Universal Flow Monitors. It also provides links for purchasing a suggested flowmeter after the user enters information about the application and specifications.

The website user first chooses the application and then reads about the flowmeter technologies for that application. Upon making the technology choice, the user can choose a product. If the product is offered by Universal Flow Monitors, users can choose pipe size, material, thread type, connector and other specifications in order to build a model code for ordering online. If the product is not offered by Universal Flow Monitors, the website lists other meters with prices and the option to order.