Wunderlich–Malec's Modular Integrated Water Solution

Sept. 3, 2014
Wunderlich–Malec's Turn-Key Engineered Water Solutions Promises to Meet the Increasing Deman for Clean Water

Wunderlich-Malec Engineering Inc. (WM) Industrial Water Business Unit announces innovative turn-key engineered water solutions using new technology from design through maintenance and operations delivered at the client's lowest Total Cost of Ownership.  WM supplies custom engineered, modular clean water solutions from a single source to meet the increasing demand for clean water. The Industrial Water Business will be based in Green Bay, WI and focus on servicing water and wastewater customers in the United States, Latin America, Middle East, and Asia and utilize its extensive twenty-two offices, 250 plus employee engineering resources.

“We are very excited about the business opportunities presented by utilizing our strong automation expertise as the core of a turn-key industrial water solution,” says Neal Wunderlich, President WM. “WM offers a turn-key water solution using our electrical, mechanical and automation design capabilities.  Built in our modern modular skid fabrication facility in Winslow, Maine, we have immediate access to roads, ocean and air delivery services.”

Wunderlich-Malec’s Industrial Water team will deliver a complete, modular integrated water solution that is pre-assembled and factory tested meeting the client’s functional requirements. Combined with the latest technology and innovative services of its water expert partners, WM delivers a more cost-effective, higher quality, with reduced field labor and a faster delivery solution at a lower risk by utilizing its innovative modular technology solution.