EPLAN Releases Data Portal 2.1

April 2, 2012
Available for View Via Corporate Website

Last week EPLAN, an engineering solutions developer, which accelerate the product development process released its Data Portal 2.1 that can be viewed on EPLAN's corporate website (http://www.eplanusa.com/products/eplan-data-portal).

The EPLAN Data portal has more data, manufaturers and functions than ever before.  The portal provides users with the master data of major manufacturers and contains schematic macros, multilingual parts information, preview images, documents and much more.  Everyone can have viewing rights to the portal to obtain part information via an Internet browser, but you must be an EPLAN user or current SMA to access the live data and be able to import parts/macros into the component library.

Currently more than 25,000 EPLAN customers are benefiting from access to the latest up-to-date data, error-reduction and increased functionality. Since the portal was released othere have been over 10 million downloads worldwide.

A new feature to the portal allows manufacturer's product configurator to be linked directly to EPLAN's origional data portal. This upgrade allows manufacturers to store their standard parts data on the Online Portal and link their product configurator for components that are changing rapidly so that complex products can be imported to the origional portal directly.  The feature can also be used within the EPLAN Platform chematic drawings, wiring diagrams, panel layouts and more, to save customers time and increase productivity.

Companies such as Rittal  and Endress+Hauser have also added similar benefits to customers and EPLANs.

Rittal linked their Rittal Therm Configurator, allowing calculations and designs of individual heating, cooling, and air-conditioning solutions for enclosures and housings to be imported.  Rittal Therm allows users to easily detereming the required components, fabricate them into a solution, and transfer them via the EPLAN Data Portal. Once the components are tranferred to the EPLAN platform device list they can be in the 3D layout intantly.

Endress+Hauser linked their product configurator to the EPLAN Data Portal to help their customers gain  an industry advantage. When the Endress+Hauser’s link is used with EPLAN Data Portal, users can access the Endress+Hauser product configurator directly from the EPLAN Data Portal and import the required parts data directly to EPLAN. A user-defined parts list is then generated within the EPLAN Data Portal and users can import the parts list into the EPLAN Platform.  This save customers times and reduces error.