Wireless Ethernet: Ready for Industrial Prime Time?

Feb. 2, 2010
Explore the use of wireless Ethernet in industrial applications

If you've ever rebooted your home Wi-Fi router because the connection to your notebook was lost, you're to be forgiven some skepticism regarding the readiness of commercial wireless technologies for industrial applications. But many companies have successfully deployed wireless Ethernet to solve a range of industrial problems, you just have to know how to classify suitable applications and be prepared for "gotchas!" that could result in sub-optimal performance.

Join the discussion on Wednesday, March 3, at 2 pm EDT, as Control's Editor–in–Chief Walt Boyes and a panel of wireless experts explore the use of wireless Ethernet in industrial applications–from vetting suitable applications, to the steps you need to take to ensure secure and reliable communications. You’ll come away with the confidence you need to put wireless Ethernet to work at your facility.

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