Dataforth's 2014 Full-Line Product Catalog

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By Dataforth

Mar 11, 2014

Dataforth's new 308-page 2014 Full-Line Product Catalog provides the most up-to-date information and specifications for all Dataforth signal conditioning, data acquisition, and data communication products – including detailed descriptions, block diagrams, specifications, and ordering information for all modules in the new MAQ20 family.

140311 Dataforth IndustrialElectronicsProduct lines included in the catalog are:

  • SCM5B Isolated Analog Signal Conditioning Modules
  • SCM7B Isolated Process Control Signal Conditioning Modules
  • SensorLex® 8B Isolated Miniature Signal Conditioning Modules
  • SCM9B Isolated Intelligent Signal Conditioning Modules – Selection Guide only
  • MAQ®20 Data Acquisition System
  • ReDAQ® Shape Software for MAQ20
  • IPEmotion Software for MAQ20
  • 8B isoLynx® SLX300 Data Acquisition System
  • ReDAQ® Shape Software for SLX300
  • SCM5B isoLynx® SLX200 Data Acquisition System
  • SCMD Isolated Digital I/O Modules
  • DSCA High Performance DIN Isolated Analog Signal Conditioning Modules
  • DSCL, DSCP, SCTP Loop Isolators and Transmitters
  • DSCT Din Rail Mount Two-Wire Transmitters
  • Data Communication Products

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