Banner Engineering introduces 2015 product catalog

By Aaron Hurd

Jun 03, 2015

CG1506 BannerEngProdCatalogBanner Engineering has introduced its new 2015 product catalog, available in a full-color print and an interactive online version. The complementary catalog provides a comprehensive and user-friendly guide of all available Banner products, complete with  976 pages of product features, application images, model numbers and accessories. 

The 2015 product catalog is categorized by Banner’s product lines—sensors, lighting and indicators, wireless, machine safety and vision—to allow users to quickly locate their product or application. Users also have the ability to compare product features and performance using the catalog’s multiple selection guides. The interactive online version of the catalog mirrors the print catalog and also features a powerful search tool. 

Here's what's new in each section:


The comprehensive sensor section is organized to allow users to browse by sensor shape, as well as function. The catalog includes a new “Featured” section, which provides quick access to Banner’s most popular sensors. New products include:Q4XQ3XDF-G2 fiber amplifiersLE250 and iVu Gen2 barcode reader.

Lighting and Indicators

The lighting and indicator section features Banner’s complete LED lighting solutions. New products include: TL50 compact tower lights, TL70 modular tower lights,K90 indicators and WLB92 light bars.


The redesigned wireless section intuitively guides users to appropriate wire replacement solutions. 

Machine Safety 

The machine safety section includes Banner’s wide range of safety-related products, including the new XS26-2 expandable safety controller


The vision section covers Banner’s extensive line of vision sensors, including standard and high-resolution grayscale, color and single and multi-purpose vision sensors. The catalog features the latest upgrades to the new iVu Gen2, which have made it even more versatile than before.

The 2015 Banner product catalog provides easy navigation with color-coded tabs that correspond with product divisions listed in the table of contents. Users can view detailed illustrations of how Banner’s industrial automation products can be applied in a number of applications and easily find additional information on each product demonstrated. 

To view the entire catalog, go here.