Mynah unveils new training academy

May 12, 2016

Mynah Technologies has launched its new MynahTraining Academy, featuring an online library of lessons and workshops aimed at helping users stay current on essential dynamic simulation skills, as well as three new live, instructor-led courses.

The Mynah Training Academy Online option is designed to provide a training alternative for individuals or groups unable to attend the live, instructor-led Dynamic Simulation with Mimic Training class offered both at Mynah headquarters and at other sites. With access to a demo version of Mimic, the online subscription consists of more than 50 lessons and workshops dedicated to guiding users through the various functions of Mimic Simulation Software.  Sections of the available training library include:

  • Introduction to Mimic
  • Simulated IO Drivers
  • Standard Modeling
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Mimic Utilities
  • Operator Training

The Mynah Training Academy has also expanded the live, instructor-led training classes. In addition to the standard Dynamic Simulation with Mimic class, three next level training classes have been added:

  • Advanced Fluid Modeling with Mimic
  • Advanced Solids Handling with Mimic
  • VIM2 Hardware and Software Training

Advanced Fluid Modeling with Mimic and Advanced Solids Handling with Mimic focus on the respective Advanced Modeling Objects, their configuration, and tuning and optimizing a plant model.  VIM2 Hardware and Software training explores the basic setup and configuration of VIM2 hardware and drivers.

The online subscription is available for purchase at, and the live, instructor-led classes have upcoming scheduled dates and locations for also found on

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