The SC series tuning fork level switch from Aplus Finetek Sensor Inc. requires no calibration

Source: Aplus Finetek Sensor Inc.

Feb 05, 2016

Aplus Finetek Sensor Inc. now offers its SC series vibrating tuning fork point liquid level switch that does not require any calibration, unlike capacitance proximity sensors, capacitance level probes and RF point level sensors.

The SC series is a vibrating tuning fork level switch that can be used to detect the presence and absence of liquids and slurries over a very wide range of material densities from S.G. of 0.7 and above.  The SC series is available in compact and standard types of packages and enclosures, can operate from ac, dc power sources or be provided with a universal ac/dc power supply.  They can provide either solidstate NPN/PNP or relay outputs. Fluid viscosity can be up to 10,000 cSt.

The SC series tuning fork liquid level switch can be provide with either a short (40mm length) or standard (100mm) fork length.  Explosion proof rated versions and standard and extended lengths are also available.

The SC series uses the piezoelectric crystal and solid state electronics technologies to produce vibration in the tuning fork element at a specific frequency and receive electronic feedback.  When the probe element is covered or in contact with the target fluid the vibration is dampened, the electronic feedback changes and presence of the material is thereby sensed by the electronics, which changes the state of the sensor output to indicate material presence.  When the probe element is again free of the target material the vibration again is produced, the output state reverts to indicate material absence.

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