AutomationDirect Productivity2000 programmable controllers

Productivity2000 programmable controllers now include 12- and 13-bit resolution, current and voltage, analog input and output modules for cost-conscious applications. They're available with eight or sixteen channels for receiving 0-20 mA signals. Two discrete DC input modules have also been added, offering eight or 16 inputs. An AC/DC input module, providing (32) 24 VAC/DC sinking/sourcing inputs is also available. Additionally, a dual-voltage power supply is available to provide isolated power to the Productivity2000 base from an external 24 VAC or 12-24 VDC source. No power budgeting is required, so any combination of I/O modules may be installed in any slots without power budget considerations.

For wiring I/O modules, pre-wired ZIPLinks wiring eliminates the need for hand-wiring modules to terminal blocks. Theuser-friendly Productivity Suite programming software, designed to allow quick and easy programming of ladder logic programs for the Productivity2000, is available as a free download at    

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