PAT 44X-10 series of DC drives from American Control Electronics

PAT 44X-10 series compact, lightweight, low-cost, NEMA 4X-rated DC drives are designed to deliver longer life, better performance and higher corrosion resistance. They accept 115- or 230-V AC inputs for operating 90- and 180-V DC permanent-magnet or shunt-wound DC motors (50, 100 and 200 V DC field voltages) from 1/8 to 2 horsepower. PAT series has the same bolt-in form factors as competitive drives to make changeover easy and cost effective. They also feature power and current-limit LEDs, line fuses, inhibit pins for remote start/stop, and a front-cover-mounted speed potentiometer and on/off switch. Setup is simple with trimmer pot adjustments for minimum speed, maximum speed, acceleration, deceleration, IR compensation and current limit.

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