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Solving data analytics: A mini series

May 13, 2020
In this multi-part series, end users share how they're cracking the case on using faster, more capable data analytics to make better decisions and optimize operations

Everything is still going through pipes and in and out of tanks. It's the ability to know more sooner and make better choices that's changing fast. And end users are embracing that change. 

In this multi-part series, executive editor Jim Montague offers a glimpse into how today's end users faster, more capable analyses to make better decisions and optimize operations across the process industries. 

Cornerstone cracks the data analytics case

"The hardest part of data analytics is data wrangling and trying to find correlations for normal operations. This is a difficult task without efficient tools to perform calculations and reach conclusions. More recently, trending software lets us process information faster, maintain trend views, and filter data for specific needs to prove or disprove operating theories, such as why a temperature spike happened." Read more. 

 Albermarle finds data insights need engineers

Learn about one specialty chemicals company's a five-year journey to get free of its traditional reactive mindset and repetitive problem-solving to apply analytics to its operations in real time to maximize value and impact. Read more.

Motiva moves analytics beyond Microsoft Excel

Motiva uses analytics to optimize its use of industrial gases, such as hydrogen, which is essential for its own oil and gas production. Its hydrogen consumption must be monitored in real time to minimize costs, even though usage decisions are often hampered by a lack of real-time data. Read more. 

How to integrate an analytics project

"Where we used to do advanced process control (APC) and simulations, we're now using more big data and machine learning (ML) methods to drive larger insights. However, despite these opportunities, there are still many manufacturers with no predictive capabilities, and no links between their PLC functions and manufacturing execution systems (MES) to provide the contextual information they need." Sam Russem, smart manufacturing director at Grantek, explains how to integrate an analytics project. Read more.

Celanese zooms out to hi-level, avoids potential shutdown 

To unlock siloed data from its specialty materials and intermediate chemistry processes, and combine it with 50 use cases for predictive maintenance (PdM), process optimization and energy management, Celanese Corp. now uses KnowledgeNet (KNet) software. Employing a PdM use case as a pilot project, Celanese tested KNet by using it to analyze lube oil temperatures on a rotating component and its bearings. Read more.

Cement to scents assisted by analytics

Monarch Cement Co. shares how control and LIMS upgrades allowed the company to improve its collection, consolidation and distribution of production, product quality and energy consumption data, and improve data mining and sharing. Read more.

Primary data analytics sites and solutions

A list of descriptions and links to more than 25 of the most prevalent data analytics software packages and organizations. Read more.

About the Author

Jim Montague | Executive Editor

Jim Montague is executive editor of Control. 

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