COVID-proven remote access & mobility

Aug. 13, 2021

Battling back against COVID-19 means planning and preparing for remote access to data, users and digitalization strategies. Here are the latest innovations, tools and strategies that have proven themselves to end users, system integrators and suppliers during the pandemic.  

Remote access links that last post-pandemic

Shell fuel terminal manager in Germany adds RealWear assisted reality headset to his safety helmet to collaborate with IT system supplier in Belgium despite pandemic-related travel restriction. Read more.

Digitalized remote access does even more with even less

Brian Fretschel, director of digital customer experience for Emerson Automation Solutions, and Alan Porter, VP of electronics and semiconductor industries at Siemens Digital Industries Software, discuss innovations like QR codes and low-code programming that can help users cope with COVID-19 impacts and traditional challenges. Read more.

Stronger industrial networks toughen pandemic responses

Here's how Nakayama Iron Works uses Ewon Cosy industrial VPN gateways from HMS Networks to interface with Keyence and Panasonic PLCs, HMIs and IP cameras in an effort to let its staff and clients directly communicate with its rock crushers, which are often installed in remote locations. Read more.

Driven to digitalize

If it's possible for COVID-19 to have any silver lining, it's likely jumpstarted many long-overdue efforts to evaluate and adopt digitalization technologies. Here's how Ascend Performance Materials kick started its efforts by establishing mobile operator rounds and creating a "visual factory" for its Nylon 6,6 process for textiles. Read more.

COVID separations inspire alternative industrial network connections

Distancing and shutdowns required by COVID-19 have inspired many individuals to form alternative avenues to connect, access data, interact and collaborate. San Luis Obispo's water department is no different. Here's how it uses GE Digital's iFix HMI software, Proficy Operations Hub for run-time processes and web-based Proficy Webspace software to monitor and control life stations and other equipment. Read more.

Planning and preparation beats the pandemic

Concerned about a worst-case scenario in which COVID-19 would continue for two years, Panacea took its existing roadmap for planned upgrades and modernizations, and performed them all by mid-February 2020. Here's how it did it. Read more.

COVID-19 drives digitalization

Despite its many negative impacts, COVID-19 is rousting process industry end users, system integrators and suppliers to seek out and implement digitalized technologies, such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and cloud-computing services they might otherwise have been slower to embrace. Several major suppliers detail how the pandemic is fueling efforts to seek out the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud-computing services and other mobile and digitalized technologiesRead more.

Essential to-do list for establishing remote-access and mobile capabilities

Successful, efficient and productive remote access must meet the unique needs of individual processes, users and organizations. However, there are some common attributes and tasks they can all employ to enable better decisions and generate value. Here are six tasks to add to your remote access to-do list. Read more.

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