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Aug. 28, 2020
Mobility month: Day 12

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Mobility aids COVID-19 response

This four-page whitepaper, "Panacea’s systematic approach for operating in a safe and productive manner during COVID-19," the system integrator explore the systems it has in place for remote operations of internal processes and external project activities. It's been building systems and processes for remote work since it installed a hybrid cloud project architecture almost 10 years ago.

OEE and TEEP with tablets and smart phones 

This post, "Parsec-certified partner Matrix Technologies helps chemical client analyze data and improve OEE" by John Lee, strategic manager for manufacturing intelligence, on the Matrix on Manufacturing blog, show how the system integrated used Parsec TrakSYS software on mobile devices to help a user improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and total effective equipment performance (TEEP). It's at https://matrixti.com/matrix-on-manufacturing/process-management-and-improvement-rely-on-analytical-decision-support/

Mobile monitoring and control evolves

This 2018 Control cover article, "Take it with," reported that mobility technologies are enabling process industry users to understand and optimize their applications in new ways, which they couldn't see until they got out of their traditional control rooms and began to look around. 

Ready-to-wearable resources

This 2019 resources guide focuses on recent innovations in wearable technologies from RealWear, Honeywell and others presented in whiltepaper, TEDx Talks and other formats. They're at www.controlglobal.com/articles/2019/resource-guide-mobility-mostly-ready-to-wear/

New views and perspectives

This 2017 Control cover article, "Mobility rises above," reported that many process industry users were spurred by the freedom granted by earlier mobility tools, and are further increasing their range with more diverse solutions—and even taking flight with drones and cameras. 

Drones and UAV resources

These videos, whitepaper, manuals and other items provide a good, basic introduction to today's airborne vehicles. They're at www.controlglobal.com/articles/2018/resource-guide-drones-and-uavs/

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