Mobile trends in industrial automation

Aug. 20, 2015
What's the new normal when it comes to mobility in an industrial automation setting?

Smart devices are now enabled to display data, fine tune variances on conveyors, commission machines, aid in the diagnosis of maintenance issues and more. But there seems to be a divide between those who are weary of mobile technology and those who embrace it.

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This white paper takes a look at mobile trends in business and the pros and cons of using COTS mobile devices in industrial automation. The paper also gives practical advice for choosing mobile devices—whether off-the-shelf or not—suited to your automation application.


Either way, mobile technology is on the rise and we need to be ready and informed. Check out this roundup of articles from Control and Control Design that outline the latest changes, trends and opinions in mobile technology in an industrial automation setting.

Industrial mobility: Is it the new normal?

Industrial information software now allows you to create, modify, personalize and access your own displays of business and process information in the office, at the machine, at home or on any mobile device. Read more.

Operator interfaces go mobile: Why and how to implement them for your systems

Mobile operator interfaces for machines and robots started out as laptop PCs and have evolved to tablets and smartphones. By whatever the mobile device, reasons for use are the same. Smartphones and tablets have a wide range of functions useful for mobile operator interface. Read more.

Podcast: The mobile automation professional

In this podcast, Dave Woll at ARC Advisory Group talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about the mobile automation professional, how increasingly simple and secure remote access is changing many process applications and which of these tools and methods might be most useful to listeners. Listen to the podcast.

The mobile worker: There are 100 apps for that!

"Everyone is more connected now to his or her job than ever in the past," says Keith Jones, PE, of Prism Systems Inc., a system integrator in Mobile, Ala. "The number of customers that are using specific apps written for their business is increasing fast." Read more.

How mobile devices can commission machines with the swipe of a finger

Glaub Automation & Engineering is one of the first system integrators to implement gesture commands for control in manufacturing. Read more.

Deploying wireless safely and securely

Wireless is expanding into more tight places and remote process applications than ever before. Here's how it's deployed safely and securely.

Want more? Download the free whitepaper, "Using commercial off-the-Shelf mobile devices in industrial automation."