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Smart valves, valves for emission control, hygienic and hazardous duty.

Tritex II DC actuators are now CSA-certified and in compliance with CSA 139 valve actuator standard. They accommodate applications requiring CSA Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D certification—making them suitable for hazardous location operations. They integrate a servo drive, digital position controller, brushless motor and linear or rotary actuator in one compact, sealed package.
Exlar Corp.        
 Burkert Type 8681 control head HYGIENIC PROCESS CONTROL HEAD
Burkert Type 8681 control head is optimized for automation of pneumatic hygienic process valves. It’s universally adaptable, and can be combined with all commercially available valve types that use a rising stem upper actuator configuration. It’s durable, easy to clean, features IP 65/67 protection, has a positive pressure electronic housing, and is made from chemical-resistant materials.
Burkert Fluid Control Systems
 Badger Meter Smart Valve Positioners SMART VALVE POSITIONERS
Research Control SRD  smart valve positioners help users comply with fugitive emissions regulations. A key feature of the SRD is its comprehensive valve diagnostics tool that continuously monitors for fugitive emissions from leaks and other releases of gases to help process plants meet the ANSI/FCI 91-1 standard, and comply with EPA emissions guidelines. 
Badger Meter       
C27 actuators can be coupled to any one of several body assemblies or valve body models. They have higher bench ranges that allow for an increase in pressure drop capacities and an increase in flow capacities. Their shorter stem and yoke make the valve assembly more compact, which means the units require less space when installed in  gas, oil, water, steam or corrosive liquid transfer systems.
 Samson metal bellows seal TIGHT VALVES, ZERO EMISSIONS
Samson metal bellows seal achieved 0 ppm fugitive emissions per EPA Method 21 on the ANSI FCI 91-1 test. Adding this multi-walled metal bellows to a linear Samson valve will meet your emissions requirements. The design offers high structural integrity, proven ability and reliability though mechanical and thermal cycles. Samson’s sealing technology controls fugitive emissions.
Samson Controls Inc.  
 Emerson Fisher Fieldvue DVC6200 CONTROLLER + POSITIONER + HART
Emerson’s Fisher Fieldvue DVC6200 digital valve controller series incorporates a 4-20mA position transmitter that can also be configured as a discrete switch. The discrete switch is a solid-state circuit that opens and closes based on a user- configurable trip point. The position transmitter is independent of the digital valve controller. DVC6200 communicates with the latest HART 7 standard.
Emerson Process Management

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