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Acquisitions expand emerson capabilities

Several acquisitions increase Emerson offerings for pervasive sensing

By Paul Studebaker, editor in chief, Control

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Even Emerson Process Management occasionally finds it expedient to add technology and elevate its own expertise by simply buying companies with desired products and capabilities. It highlighted the fruits of several such recent acquisitions at Emerson Global Users Exchange 2015 this week in Denver.

Several acquisitions increase Emerson offerings for pervasive sensing: Emerson's strategy for bringing more facility and equipment, as well as process, information into the control system. "The three elements of pervasive sensing are innovative sensors, strategic interpretation, and action," said Bob Karschnia, Emerson vice president, wireless. "New applications are focused on solving problems by moving information into systems quickly and simply, where it can be used to improve safety, reliability and operations."

Spectrex brings sophisticated flare monitor

Now a part of the Rosemount portfolio of measurement and analytical technologies, Spectrex has been the leader in flame and open path gas detection for nearly 34 years. It developed the world's first ultraviolet-infrared (UV/IR) and triple infrared (IR3) flame detectors, and was first to introduce xenon flash lamps in open path detector design, increasing detectors' resilience to atmospheric conditions while reducing power consumption.

The Spectrex Rosemount 975VR Visual Multi-spectrum Infrared Flame Detector offers advanced safety monitoring integrating video analysis and multi-spectrum Infrared flame detection with patented digital signal processing that allows it to differentiate flames from other radiant sources, and to mask control fires (flares) to reduce spurious trips. "This improves the operator's ability to respond to real fires and less to false alarms," said Karschnia.

Cascade adds fast laser gas analysis

Adding Cascade Technologies Ltd. expands the Rosemount Analytical gas analysis portfolio with laser-based measurement analyzers and systems for enhanced industrial emissions monitoring, production efficiencies and regulatory compliance.

The company's Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology measures multiple gases simultaneously. QCL technology provides increased sensitivity, speed of response, and fingerprinting capability. It's part of the new Rosemount CT5200 Industrial Gas Analyzer, a hybrid multi-component system of up to nine Quantum Cascade Lasers and Tunable Diode Lasers that can detect up to 20 gases in variety of industrial/harsh environments.

Cascade technology also can be found in the new Rosemount CT2211 Aerosol Gas Leak Detection System, which performs contactless detection of a wide range of propellants including LPG, R134a, CO2, N2O, and DME. "These fast analyzers can detect concentrations in nanoseconds to spot leaks in products ranging from aerosol cans to meat packages," said Karschnia. They can scan up to 500 cans per minute, eliminating both the bottleneck and high energy needs of traditional water-bath testing.

Energy Solutions manage oil & gas transmission

The acquisition of Energy Solutions International Holdings, Inc. (ESI) gives Emerson's Remote Automation Solutions group a set of leading decision-support software and services that enhance operational efficiency, commercial profitability and safety across the oil and gas pipeline, storage, marketing and distribution functions.

Pipeline Application Suite includes pipeline modeling, leak detection, and scheduling together with commercial applications for transactional accounting and inventory management. "This bolt-on to our SCADA system uses modeling to detect leaks and thefts, tracks nominations, helps manage inventory and provides documentation," said Stuart Miller, vice president, marketing, Remote Automation Solutions.

Enardo keeps tanks under control

Enardo LLC, manufactures tank and terminal safety equipment, including hatches, vent, pressure and vacuum relief valves and flame arrestors. Previously part of HMT, Enardo products provide tank pressure safety control during normal operation as well as emergency pressure relief and flame protection.

"Large temperature swings affect vapor blanket pressure," said Bruce Johnson, vice president, Fisher Valves. "Enardo regulators take action to prevent emissions, reports and expensive violations."

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