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2016 Readers' Choice Awards

Our readers tell us who they think delivers the best technology in our industry

There's knowledge in our readers. That's why every year we ask our loyal audience to help us determine which automation service providers offer the best products and brands they can rely on to get the best combination of performance, ease of use, reliability and reasonable cost to keep their plants running.

Each year for more than two decades now, we've asked readers to identify the best solution providers in a broad array of process automation disciplines and technologies. No single automation professional is an expert in all aspects of process automation, but together we can find out who are the best providers of process control hardware, software and systems necessary to properly support today’s plant.

This year's awards represent the expressed brand preferences of nearly 1,000 automation professionals from all corners of the process industries.

The 2016 Control Readers' Choice Awards is a valuable resource that can help you plan your process automation procurement for the year ahead.

Find out which process automation suppliers Control readers voted the best in  the business for 2016.

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