Endress+Hauser’s Field Xpert SMT70 – Device Configuration and More!

By FieldComm Group

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Endress+Hauser’s latest addition to its device configuration portfolio is an industrial tablet suitable for use in safe and explosion hazardous areas. The new Field Xpert SMT70 has an 11.6” touch screen and offers up to 14 hours operation on rechargeable batteries. It supports the user in all aspects of device configuration, providing documentation of set parameters, historical comparisons and Heartbeat verifications. It can also be used to connect to Endress+Hauser’s IIoT Analytics web application.

Field Xpert SMT70 supports HART, https://www.controlglobal.com/fieldbus/ Fieldbus, PROFIBUS DP/PA and Modbus, as well as the Endress+Hauser service protocols. Its device library contains over 2,700 device and communication drivers (DTMs), including all Endress+Hauser drivers. This means that practically all devices can be configured immediately. New or updated device drivers are easily installed by Internet download.

Particular attention has been given to ease of use, including a “play button” that automatically establishes communication with the field device and loads the correct driver. Twenty languages are currently supported. The result is a robust all-around solution that makes device configuration quicker, simpler and safer.

For more information, please visit the Endress+Hauser website.

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