Live from Innovation Days 2019

1 freburger marcotte schneider LP

Digital transformation is fully engaged

Opening Schneider Electric’s Innovation Days, a panel featuring Michael Martinez, Gary Freburger, Aleksandr Rakitin and Nathalie Marcotte the journey to digital transformation for Schneider and its customers. “Companies use the technology they need for business, and the business environment is changing dramatically,” Martinez said. Read more. 

2 nathalie marcotte schneider LP

Marcotte to lead Schneider process automation business

Nathalie Marcotte, who says it will be "business as usual" during the transition, will succeed the retiring Gary Freburger as president of Schneider’s Process Automation business, effective January 1, 2020. Read more.

3 dan poston lyondellbasell LP

Safety layers protect best when visible

“It’s more important to establish clear objectives and parameters for risk assessment than to use a cookbook method.” LyondellBasell’s Dan Poston explained how to create a process safety strategy at Schneider Electric’s Innovation Days in Austin, Texas. Read more.

4 maks wilde kic systems LP

Best practices for an online controller upgrade

Process interruption is costly. Planned shutdowns need to be well-organized and swift. Schneider Electric’s Tom Rosborough and Kessler Industrial Controls’ Maks Wilde explained how to upgrade equipment online without interrupting your process. Read more.

5 thad frost schneider LP

Digital innovations on tap for Schneider DCS platform

Thad Frost, Foxboro DCS leader, Schneider Electric, described the EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS roadmap and provided an overview of  Schneider's digital services, including Cyber Security, Asset Management, Alarm Management, Loop Management, Situational Awareness Graphics, Migration and more. Read more.

6 chris stogner schneider LP

Triconex evolves to provide profitable safety

The company's Chris Stogner revealed the roadmap for brand success at this week’s Schneider Electric Innovation Days. "The electronics industry is facing many challenges, such as new products like smart phones only lasting a couple of years between releases, while users want Tricon to last 30 years or more.” Read more.

1 matthew railean schneider LP

Gulf Coast facility saves with integrated power

Integrated control and power systems reduced a Gulf Coast facility 15%, labor costs 10%, and produced a 40% lower labor rate for shop vs. field time. Schneider Electric's Matthew Railean explains how Schneider's guiding the success. Read more.

2 scott matus lcra LP

Swappable I/O cards streamline DCS update

After more than 30 years, the legacy DCS, token-ring network and I/O cards at the Fayette Power Project were failing. “[W]e finally got to the point where it was less costly to migrate to all EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS than it was to keep using our old equipment.” LCRA’s Scott Matus explains the modernization project. Read more.

3 cyber panel LP

Cybersecurity experts offer best practices

An expert cybersecurity panel, which included OIT Concepts's Eric Cosman, ISA Security Compliance Institute's Andre Ristaino, Schneider Electric's Gary Williams and Triconex's Ajay Mishra, shared strategies that users can employ to make their applications more secure. Read more.

4 howard jemison aveva LP

Decoding compressor’s surge-control puzzle

AVEVA’s Howard Jemison on how dynamic simulation helped to decode the persistent trips of a troublesome compressor. “When the event happened, it was already past the surge control line, and no action was being taken by the controller—nobody could give me a satisfactory answer why and how that could happen.” Read more.

5 bedang sameto freeport indonesia LP

Indonesian mine brings DCS into current era

PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) is at the end of more than one era. PTFI's Bendang Sameto presented at Innovation Days this week to share how the company is transitioning to improved systems and underground operations. Read more.

6 sigifredo nino summa control LP

PID still needed in era of Industry 4.0

Do you know about feedback control? "Automation is everywhere, but nowhere to be seen,” according to Sigifredo Nino at Summa Control Solutions. "The real case is that there should be a synergy between the intelligence offered by automation professionals and the availability, visualization, integration and coordination of data offered by IIoT." Read more.

1 opaf panel LP

Dow, Georgia-Pacific show OPA support

Janette Brightwell of Dow and Michael Carroll of Georgia-Pacific made the case for the broader participation in the Open Process Automation Forum, and explained why industry leaders have signed on to the effort. ExxonMobil’s Bradley Houk and Schneider’s Trevor Cusworth joined them in a panel discussion going further on the topic. Read more.

2 eric bruyn exxonmobil LP

ExxonMobil takes IJH challenge to new level

The company's senior technical professional Erik Bruyn showcased its initiative to reengineer the control system, known internally as It Just Happens. Read more.

3 robert resendez bechtel LP

Bechtel proves out Universal I/O savings

Robert Resendez explained how intelligent enclosures have saved time and money at the company after eliminating nearly 2 million linear feet of cable. Read more.

4 peter traynor schneider LP

Protect your analyzers from cyber attack

The IIoT and other forms of digitalization are bringing all kinds of process sensing and analysis functions closer to their I/O and control counterparts, but these links can also make measurement devices more vulnerable to cyber probes, intrusions and potential attacks. Schneider Electric’s Peter Traynor discussed how to keep analyzers secure. Read more.

5 helenio gilabert schneider LP

Oil & gas producers move closer to the edge

Schneider Electric’s Helenio Gilabert described applications of edge technology in the oil and gas industry and how it could interact with existing architectures, with no need to rip and replace. Read more.

6 jose bonomo schneider LP

M580 PAC continues Modicon legacy 

José Bonomo and Dafir Lamdaouar outlined the roadmap for the future of the Modicon PAC. “It’s designed to break the silos and layers of control, automation, operations, process and business with a flatter architecture in which each asset,” Bonomo said. Read more. 

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