Drives / Motors

Product roundup: Drives and motors rev up capabilities

Enhanced power density, operating ranges, integration, intelligence and enclosures aid motion's mission

Integrated steppers added

CG1901 RndUp AutoDirect 144 compressorSureStep advanced integrated motor/drives have torque ratings from 54 to 340 oz-in. and software-selectable resolutions ranging from 200 steps per revolution. They can operate with traditional high-speed inputs, but can be commanded via a 0–5 V analog input. An internal indexer can accomplish point-to-point moves controlled via ASCII communication. Free SureMotion Pro drive configuration software is available for configuring advanced integrated motor/drives. A status monitor screen aids troubleshooting.


Drives for 10 HP to 6,000 HP

CG1901 RndUp Rockwell 144 compressorAllen Bradley PowerFlex 755T AC drives have expanded the power ranges and capabilities of their TotalForce technology, and offer an expanded power range from 10 hp to 6,000 hp (7.5 kW to 4,500 kW), which enables harmonic mitigation, regeneration and common bus system configurations. TotalForce is enhanced by an adaptive tuning feature using up to four automatic tracking notch filters to block resonance and damaging vibration, while predictive maintenance features provide real-time information about drive health.

Rockwell Automation

Space-saving servo

CG1901 RndUp Beckhoff 144 compressorAMP8000 distributed servo drive system reduces machine footprints and control cabinet space needs with an ultra-compact design that integrates a servo drive into a servomotor. AMP8000 is available in flange sizes F4 and F5, power ratings from 0.61 to 1.23 kW, and standstill torque ratings from 2.00 to 4.8 Nm (F4), or power ratings from 1.02 to 1.78 kW, and standstill torque ratings from 4.10 to 9.7 Nm (F5). STO and SS1 safety functions are integrated into AMP8000 series by default.

Beckhoff Automation

Starter combines controls, protections

CG1901 RndUp Danfoss 144 compressorVLT Soft Starter MCD 600 combines advanced controls and protections with increased intelligence for performance in fixed-speed applications. In addition, MCD 600 is more flexible to install thanks to Ethernet and serial-based communication option cards and application-dedicated smart cards. Ease of use is increased with new capabilities such as pump-clean function, PowerThrough operation and calendar- or runtime-based scheduling.

Danfoss North America

Dual-axis servo drives

CG1901 RndUp Kollmorgen 144 compressorAKD2G dual-axis servo drive reduces wiring, fuses and filtering to save space, and has expandable I/O without increasing size, as well as removable memory, dual-channel SSTO and what's reported to be an industry-first, drive-resident graphic display. Other features are workbench interface, hybrid connector, and multi-core Compute Engine/Servo on a Chip that allows a loop update rate of 1.28 μs to immediately accommodate changing load conditions. Velocity and position loops updates are 62.5 μs and 125 μs, respectively.


Six-axis drive rack

CG1901 RndUp Aerotech 144 compressorXR3 six-axis drive rack with field-replaceable, 3U plug-in amplifiers supports linear and PWM topologies, and can control any combination of brushless, DC brush or stepper motors at up to 320 VDC operating voltage and 30 A peak current. Both current loop and servo loop are digitally closed to ensure positioning accuracy and rate stability, which lets XR3 provide loop closure rates up to 20 kHz and handle digital and analog I/O processing, data collection, process control and encoder multiplication in real time.


Analyzers simplify troubleshooting

CG1901 RndUp Fluke 144 compressorMDA-510 and MDA-550 motor drive analyzers simplify troubleshooting on single- and three-phase motors/drives by providing guided testing and instructions that show where to make voltage and current connections, while preset measurement profiles ensure data is captured for each motor-drive section from the input to the output, DC bus and motor. They also measure electrical parameters with 500 MHz oscilloscope, meter and recording capability.

Fluke Corp.

Drives for water/wastewater

CG1901 RndUp ABB 144 compressorACQ580 VFD for municipal water/wastewater applications features: pump-clean to dislodge debris from impellers; sensorless flow calculation to provide accurate flow measurement without a flowmeter; soft-pipe-fill mode to reduce water-hammer damage; and quick-ramp to protect submersible pumps. It's compatible with ABB Ability condition monitoring, which provides real-time status and performance data from any location. It also includes integrated safety features, such as safe torque-off and a maximum speed limit.


Vector-control inverter drive

CG1901 RndUp Fuji 144 compressorFrenic-VG series is the supplier's highest-performance vector-control inverter drive, and is used in high-demand, complex applications, including cranes and hoists. It's equipped with fast speed control response of 600 Hz, torque control accuracy within 3%, and power up to 900 hp with the ability to extend up to 3,000 hp with the stack-type model. Available with various options including user-programmable application card (UPAC), Frenic-VG provides a flexible, reliable solution for a range of application requirements.

Fuji Electric Corp. of America

Above NEMA for general purpose

CG1901 RndUp Siemens 144 compressorSimotics Above NEMA MV449 frame motor is reported to increase the power output of its design by 14% compared to other frames; has up to 400 hp power output; and can increase motor efficiency 1.5%. MV449 pairs with Sinamics Perfect Harmony GH180 outdoor-duty VFD, which includes a freestanding, Type 4, UL50e-rated enclosure that protects against -45 °C to 45 °C temperatures, rain or snow, and air laden with chemicals or salt. GH180 can be placed up to 2.3 km away from its motor.

Siemens Corp.

Servomotor integrates encoder

CG1901 RndUp Bosch 144 compressorIndraDyn S series MS2N high-torque, synchronous servomotors have an optimized, electromagnetic design and new construction that reduces torque ripple, delivers up to 30% greater torque density, and provides up to five times overload capacity. They're available with an integrated encoder in the SIL3, PLe class with SafeMotion, and in six sizes with up to five lengths each. They cover the power range from 4 Nm to 360 Nm maximum torque, and 0.8 Nm to 215 Nm continuous torque at standstill.

Bosch Rexroth

High power density, brushless

CG1901 RndUp AlliedMotion 144 compressorKinetiMax 95 high-power drive (HPD) is an outer-rotor, brushless, DC motor with frameless stator/rotor set with greater than 87% efficiency, 95-mm diameter, and 2 Nm continuous/nominal torque at 2,300 rpm, resulting in 480 W of continuous output power, and 1,100 W peak power. It also has 37 mm axial length, 59 mm inner diameter, low cogging torque, 24 V or 60 V winding, and high torque-to-weight ratio of 3.39 Nm/kg at rated torque. Options include winding temperature
sensor and Hall commutation sensors.

Allied Motion Technologies