August digital edition of Control is available

The Adobe Flash and PDF facsimile editions of the August issue of Control magazine are now available on This issue's cover story is "The Schocking Truth About Wireless" and you can read the Flash version here, as well as download the unencrypted PDF, copy pages and send them to your friends...just like you did in the paper magazine. Here's a look inside the magazine: Articles Pressure-Based Level Measurements Keep Getting Better and Better While Radar and Ultrasonics Are Getting Most of the Attention, Automation Vendors Are Quietly Improving Their Pressure-Based Level Measurement Instrumentation Readiness: The New Project Deliverable? The Commitment to Ensure Operational and Business Readiness Far Surpassed Traditional MAC Relationships. Wireless Readiness from an Automation Industry User Perspective ISA SP100 Wireless Users Are Ready to Deploy Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) within their Facilities Skills Gap is Reality for Adaptive Manufacturing These Over-50 Operators and Engineers Are the Human Computers of Operations and the Only Thing Standing Between Profit and Loss ...and lots more Good Talk Invite Folks from Other Departments or Organizations In for an Informal Lunch-and-Learn Tour or Some Speed-Dating-Style Tabletop Displays New MFA Control Toolbox Helping Automation Engineers Solve Various Tough Control Problems New EtherStax Ethernet I/O Blocks with Analog Input New Line of Rugged, High-Density Ethernet I/O Blocks Bus = Remote I/O? Consider “Bussing” a Network of 8- to 12-Point Analog and Discrete I/O and Locating It Strategically Close to the Field Sensors Extreme Makeover, Edition Revamps the Homepage. We’ve Dumped Our Pre-Web 2.0 Look Multi-Channel Transmitter Handles Up to 32 Measurements Manufacturing Companies Are Looking to Reduce Costs Recycle, Reduce Energy Costs To Control the EAF Temperature and Reduce the Number of Reheats, Nucor Developed a Low-Cost Scale and Weighing Control System Radar Transmitter Keeps Processes on the Level All of Us Are Familiar with Glitches with Electronics in Industrial Applications—Especially Interfaces with Process Materials The Shocking Truth About Wireless What You Must Know to Use Wireless Systems in Your Plant Enclosure Options Grow Manufacturers Never Have Too Many Enclosure Options Extending the Sensor Network How Many Pressure and Temperature Gauges (2-1/2", 4," 6" Round, Magnehelics, etc.) Are There In Your Plant? Fitting the Workplace to the Worker Process Industry Control Rooms Would Be Designed a Whole Lot Differently if Air-Traffic Controllers Were Working in Them Oneness Is There a Metaphysical Aspect to “Oneness?” Defining Coexistence, Interoperability and Compatibility A Guide for Users to Determine Which of the Several Wireless Sensor Systems Is Best Suited to Use In Their Plants Not Playing Nice If You Were Waiting for the ISA Wireless Standard to Make Everything Right, You Might as Well Stop. It Isn’t Going to Happen TV Reports, Heating Value of Natural Gas, PID Outputs Can You Gain Power from Water? What Are Practical Methods for Measuring/Analyzing Natural Gas BTU Value? How to Select PID Output? Automation Industry Suffers from Worker Shortage, Changes to Come Soon ISA Develops Program in Workforce Development. Others Should Follow A Better Mousetrap NeSSI Provides Here-and-Now Benefits, Driving Engineers to Stop Waiting for Another Fieldbus Standard. They’re Diving in and Justifying Their Investment in NeSSI’s First-Generation Systems Today ...and much much more!