AutomationXchange Winds Down

We just had the Advisory Board meeting for AutomationXchange. Unlike most Advisory Boards for trade shows, this one is limited exclusively to end-users. We didn't ask any of the vendors present to be on the Advisory Board. The reason for this is quite simple. This is an entirely end-user driven event. We gather the end-users, and only then do we start recruiting the vendors the end-users would like to meet. No other event in automation works this way. We are proud that everything we do here is for the benefit of the end-users, and to make it easier for the end-users to use the meetings as an outstanding way to make high level contacts with vendors. We have had several of the end-users tell us that, as was the case last year, they found that one or more vendors had products or services that they were unaware of. Next year's event will be August 20-23, again in Park City, Utah. If you are an end-user and you want to participate in next year's event, let me know. If you are a vendor, the chances are good that one of the end-users who was here may be calling you to tell you to show up next year. Walt