Eric Byres cries "Foul!"-- sort of

Sam Herb at Foxboro sent me the following from Eric Byres, because of my copying of a quote from him relayed to us by Honeywell. "Unfortunately it seems like editorial licence distorting my quote - what we actually said was "Of the five systems we have tested so far, this is the first we haven't disabled". We have never tested any Foxboro products - before we test anything we need a project sponsor, typically the vendor themselves or a major customer like BP or Syncrude. Regardless we try to work with the vendor if they are interested. If you are interested, we sure would love to test your stuff." If there was an implication that Eric had tested Invensys systems, it was inadvertent. However, this brings up an interesting question: why haven't Foxboro given Byres a system to test? If theirs doesn't break either, that would be (as it is for Honeywell) a serious selling point. So, Eric, if my editorial license distorted your quote, I apologise, and Sam, let's get him something to test. After all, inquiring minds want to know. Walt