ISA Announces Second PAT Training and Conference

This announcement came to me from Mike Nager at Phoenix Contact on behalf of ISA
In December 2005 the Food and Pharmaceutical Division of ISA held its first PAT Conference -- congratulations for being involved at this historic event! As a past participant you are the first to receive this new information: The second ISA PAT training and conference is scheduled for May 15th and 16th King of Prussia, PA. We would like your support in promoting and attending the conference in your local ISA and ISPE sections and at work. We are putting the program together and need your assistance to build on our success! CAREER OPPORTUNITY: If you are interested in presenting an application about how you have applied PAT (WFI, API, packaging, etc) now is the time to contact us! With the large nearby base of pharmaceutical and life science companies in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area, it is sure to be a well attended conference. Presenting your technical accomplishments in this forum really assists others (and yourself) in achieving professional success!
You can read back in this blog and see the entries that I blogged while in attendance at the first conference. I thought it was excellent, and only lacked one thing. There were about thirty people (which was fine because the room was small) but there should have been 300, or maybe even more, considering what the value of the information was. Sriously, read through my blog entries (I've given you a link here) and you'll see what I mean. the second conference will likely be even better. CONTROL, and our sister magazine, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, will be promoting and covering this conference, and we recommend that readers of this blog, whether vendors or end users, stand up and support ISA when they do valuable things like this for the profession. Walt

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