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Delivering the Future of Automation Software
Even as the overall global economy struggles to find its feet, Invensys Operations Management has found steady ground and is off to the races–building on a year of solid global growth and investing to redefine the future of industrial automation. Read more »

Data at Center of Technology Forecast
Few would argue that we live in an era of incredible change and uncertainty–and that the velocity of change seems to increase every day. But technology, while it continues to advance at a breakneck speed, is not a main contributor to uncertainty about the future. Read more »

Avantis - Wonderware 2012 Invensys showNew Software Tackles Range of Industry Needs
"Let's start with a few numbers: 725,000; 135,000; 5,000; 27 and 1." So began Rob McGreevy, Wonderware vice president of platform and operations software, in his keynote address to users of Invensys' Wonderware and Avantis software. Read more »

Role-Based Analytics Drive New Avantis Dashboards
"The MBA mindset is that any MBA can run any business, but all they can really run is a balance sheet," said Peter Martin as he kicked off the session track for users of Invensys Operations Management's Avantis enterprise asset management (EAM) software. Read more »

Food & Beverage Companies Doing Less With More
Food and beverage company attendees at this week's Invensys Operations Management meeting for users of its Wonderware and Avantis software brands received tours of both a transformation in productivity at a bottling plant, and the path to compliance with new U.S. FDA food safety standards. Read more »

CMMS by the Numbers: Frito-Lay's KPI Journey
"Too much data...not enough data...the data isn't relevant...or the crowning, 'Does anybody even look at this report?'" Ed Michel, reliability manager and Frito-Lay corporate subject matter expert on CMMS, began his presentation reviewing all the reasons that many CMMS implementations fail to reveal opportunities for efficiency gains. Read more »