New Suggestion Box at ISA

Have you ever said to yourself, "Jeez, I wish there was a standard on (insert name of problem you are facing) so I don't have to do it all myself!"? I am sure you have. Well, it may be that your wish could be granted. Yesterday, ISA announced that they have implemented a new way for professionals to suggest standards projects. Through a web interface, users can provide suggestions on new consensus industry standards that can be promulgated through the ISA development processes. Ian Verhappen, ISA Standards and Practices Department Vice President, as well as a Control Contributor, points out the benefits of ISA's justly renowned standards department, and that consensus documents can be developed quickly as technical reports or as standards through a more thorough review process. "In either case, the document is developed within ISA's ANSI-accredited process with the result being well respected and widely used by industry," Ian said. The web page, located at , asks users to provide details on the scope of work they're suggesting, theneed and justification for the project, and background information. Theproposals are then reviewed by the ISA volunteer leaders to determinethe fit within the scope of ISA activities and the proper committeewithin which the work can proceed. "This web page is another important step in our efforts to engage professionals in the development of vital industry standards," opined Verhappen. I knew Ian was a subversive, all right, but this takes the prize. What a great idea. Pretty soon, anybody can suggest that a standard be developed, and maybe it will. Congratulations to ISA and the S&P department for another blow struck in the interest of end-users everywhere!. Walt