Welcome to the Directory of Lost Companies Wiki!!

As promised, we've taken the Directory of Lost Companies and made a wiki out of it. It is now live on ControlGlobal.com... What is the Directory of Lost Companies? I started collecting the names of companies that have been acquired, whose brands have been discontinued, lost, and abandoned in about 1990. People continue to be confused about where these companies went, how to get parts, service, and so on, for the products that once were made by, say, Fischer and Porter, for example. Because the Readers' Choice Awards are an unaided survey, it takes about 60 hours to do the tabs and reduce the data because people keep using the old brands, the old names to indicate which products they favor. Please visit the wiki, and above all, please help us grow and edit the wiki...how accurate it is, how important it becomes, depends entirely on you, and your participation.