Fall = Convention Season

One sure sign that Fall is arriving, other than the return to school is all the conventions that are scheduled during September through November. The busy season always seems to be the Spring (April through mid-June) and then again this time of year. The following “big three” are the ones most people think of this time of year.

September 27 – October 1 are the dates for Emerson Exchange http://www.emersonexchange.org/index.asp which happens in San Antonio this year and as usual they have a full slate of offerings. The BIG push at this year’s event is likely to be the same products in the special insert discussed in an earlier blog – the S Series family.

ISA Automation Week http://www.isaautomationweek.org/ will once again be in Houston in early October (5 – 7) with an entirely new format – conference focused and minimal trade show/exhibition. This is a big gamble by ISA and only time will tell how it works out. They are certainly trying some new things to encourage participation including the on line discussion at http://isa-2010.conferencespot.org/. You need to register to participate in this discussion group intended to not only generate interest in the various sessions but also a way for you to make suggestions on topics you would like to see discussed during the various panel discussions and planned networking opportunities.

Rockwell Automation Fair http://www.rockwellautomation.com/events/automationfair/ is being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida on November 3 and 4, 2010 — and attendance is free. Not too often that you see that rate for a User Group meeting. Wish I wasn’t going to have to be in the Middle East at the same time or I would be sure to attend as I have never been to this one before but the program looks great with focus sessions on different industries.
Get out your calendars folks and mark the dates for the event that you feel will benefit you and your career most.