Business Process Management vs. Operations Process Management

To date, many corporate IT and business people have never recognized the critical requirement that business process management (BPM) and especially operations process management (OPM) for real-time work process sequencing must have a semantic manufacturing data model to aggregate master data and instance data from level 2 to 3 to 4 and back. IBM has actually come out and stated that their BPM, enterprise asset management, data warehouse and BI implementations have failed without a manufactuuring information model at the integration level to rationalize and structure data definition. And so is there public methodology now. I have spent literally man yars with corporate IT and very critically reviewed their architectures on this. They dismissed the OpenO&M (OAGIS, ISA95/88 MIMOSA) approach. Corporate IT does not understand that architecture is required for a real-time work process operation mangement or MES, especially for lifecycle cost and adaptability. They do not understand that poor architecture equals less capacity. So where IT does know a lot about 20th- century IT infrastructure, it has holes--as we all do--on the 21st Century MOM/MES form.  A word of caution. IT is quickly out of school on the OpenO&M standards and IT architecture for operations management.