Day 3 - MRO Materials and Asset Reliability Symposium

The conference wrapped up on Thursday with morning sessions.  The first session covered Maturity assessment and was presented by Mary Ahner of The Sinclair Group.  Some key points raised during the session were 1) You must perform your assessment across the business - piecemeal assessment leads to piecemeal optimization, 2) Benchmarking carries the risk of promoting the status quo - It ma not promote best-in-class but “running with the pack”, 3) Skills assessment is easier than culture assessment and 4) Today American business has a leadership crisis - too many managers and not enough leaders.

The second session was on the relationship of reliability to manufacturing excellence.  It was an excellent presentation on how Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) was essential in achieving world-class OEE.  The conference wrapped up with a panel discussion among some key user speakers that tied together all of the information presented at the conference.

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