MES vs. MOM vs. MOS vs. POM

As for the term MES, it is a term that was defined by AMR, 15 years but does a very bad job describing the actual functionality set in general or in a vertical industry way. It is the most highly misunderstood term in manufacturing software. Ask 100 people, you will get 100 answers. Ask the same 100 people what Production Operations Management (POM) is, 50 will have no clue but take a close guess; the other 50 will refer to the ISA 95 Part 3 Activity definition, which describes the actual functions, tasks with functions and data exchanges between functions. No "MES" definition does this. Even AMR now is using the term Manufacturing Operations System (MOS), which is a system abstraction from ISA 95 Part 3 instead of their own MES term, since it includes POM and Quality Operation Management (QOM) and Inventory Operations Management (IOM). When Maintenance Operations Management (MaintOM) activity model is included, these four activity models (POM, QOM, MaintOM, and IOM) define all the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) activities (functions, task, and data exchanges) in the Purdue manufacturuing functional model's Level 3. ISA 95 Part 3 is THE document that 4 out 5 manufacturer are using worldwide to define their systems in their Requests for Proposals (RFPs).
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  • <p>I agree with the fact that there are just too many three letter abbreviations all trying to describe the same concept - how do I run my manufacturing operations better?  The different terms are just trying to explain how wide the scope can be.  We all lose from the current level of confusion, be it if you are a vendor trying to describe your solution, or if you are a manufacturer who is trying to solve a problem but doesn't know how to best describe their problem.  If forced to pick on a standard, however, I too would agree that the ISA 95 is a good source, and that the best name to describe the whole "category" of Level 3 operations is indeed Manufacturing Operations Management, or MOM.  Given the recent trend towards implementation across multiple locations, MOM continues to make sense, as a holistic solution to improve manufacturing operations performance. </p>


  • <p> Thanks for the comment.  The various Level 3 terms prior that MOM term defined in Part 3 of 95 where simply marketechure.  The MES, MOM, CPM and similar were not be based on the an analysis of of actual B2M data flows or concenus discussion of industry experts like the 95 committee.  You can benchmark against these to determine "how to run your mfg ops better" and how best in class have done so.  </p> <p> No one if forcing you to use a MOM standard or hybird as an Level 3 information model.  the requirement for using developing a standard's based B2M integration base has now proven to provide large reduction in the cost of ownership over the disparate system approach with custom point to point interfaces that require customer reports, analytics/metrics construction and B2M interfaces.  Best in Class have also proven that the disparate approach is a barrier to mfg and business model adaptbility. </p> <p>   </p>


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