Get ready for more chaos!

"FEMA is planning for a voluntary preparedness accreditation and certification program mandated by Title IX of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007. They intend to establish a common set of criteria for private sector preparedness, including disaster management, emergency management, and business continuity programs. The goal of this voluntary program is to enhance nationwide resilience in an all hazards environment by improving private sector preparedness. Participation in the program will be voluntary and intended to be driven by the marketplace. At present, there is no comprehensive set of standards by which American businesses and other private sector entities can assess their preparedness for all hazards, and yet these organizations are more at risk than ever of catastrophic losses due to natural or other disasters." Why isn’t DHS S&T working with NERC CIPC, NRC, API, Chem ITC, ISA S99, IEEE, etc? Has there been any consideration how these non-voluntary requirements for disaster management and emergency management will interface with the mandatory ones for NERC CIP, NRC Regulatory Guide, etc? If appropriate policies are not already in place, why expect the marketplace to create this? This doesn’t bode well... Joe Weiss