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Invensys Celebrates 30 Years of Triconex Innovation

July 11, 2013
Invensys announced a year-long celebration to mark the 30th anniversary of its Triconex safety and critical control products brand as well as its Foxboro/Triconex User Group Meeting for 2013.

Invensys has announced a year-long celebration to mark the 30th anniversary of its Triconex safety and critical control products brand.

 Triconex Tricon Controller System

Invensys leads the market when it comes to overall safety instrumented systems. As one of the world’s most rigorously evaluated safety systems, more than 13,000 Triconex controllers are in use today in safety and critical control applications worldwide, and they have collectively amassed more than 600 million hours of safe operation. Through its Triconex solutions, Invensys helps clients achieve continuously safe, available and secure production, while increasing asset uptime, improving production output and maximizing return on assets.

“Triconex has always been identified as a premier system for industrial safety and critical control,” said Harry Forbes, senior analyst, ARC Advisory Group. “The merits of various system architectures are always debated, but Triconex safety systems have always provided high levels of safety, availability and reliability. ARC believes these are the reasons Triconex safety and critical control systems, solutions and turbomachinery applications are globally respected and recognized by end users in a wide range of industries and applications.”

The Triconex brand was born in 1983 when Jon Wimer gathered a team of talented engineers, developers and professionals to build the world’s premier industrial safety system. In 1994 Triconex was acquired by Siebe plc of the United Kingdom. In 1999 Siebe and British Tire and Rubber, another British engineering firm, merged to form Invensys plc. Together with the other Invensys brands, including the company’s Foxboro, SimSci, Wonderware and Avantis offerings, Triconex systems enable Invensys clients to integrate their control, automation and business management technologies so they can improve the safety, efficiency and profitability of their operations in real time.

“For 30 years, Triconex solutions have been helping manufacturing and process facilities manage the risks and hazards associated with automating, controlling and improving their operations,” said Gary Freburger, president of Invensys’ systems business. “We are proud that our solutions have helped thousands of customers avoid unscheduled downtime, maximize asset performance and improve process efficiency while protecting the safety of their people, their communities and the environment.”

Other groundbreaking Triconex solutions include the Tricon controller, a state-of-the-art fault-tolerant controller based on triple modular redundancy architecture. It was the first completely triple redundant, industrially ruggedized and cost-effective system in the industry. In addition, Tricon controllers were the only commercial, off-the-shelf process safety equipment solutions to be certified by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for use in nuclear 1E applications. And in the past year, Invensys also released its Triconex Safety View solution, the world’s first software alarm and bypass management solution certified byTÜV Rheinland for use in SIL3 applications, as well as its Trident and Triconex General Purpose system version 3.0, which features OPC UA (unified architecture) communication integration, offering greater connectivity with third-party systems.

“Our clients continue to face new, ever-more demanding challenges, as the industry focuses on effective process safety management and preventing process-related incidents,” Freburger said. “As a result, Invensys will continue to provide the modern, innovative safety solutions our clients need to meet changing operating conditions, such as stronger regulatory requirements, new industry standards and increased public scrutiny when it comes to the safety and sustainability of their operations. And we will do it without sacrificing the quality, reliability and service they have come to expect from us and our Triconex brand.”

Invensys has planned several special events in the coming year to mark the anniversary of its Triconex brand, including a celebration at the company’s Triconex and Foxboro Client Conference, as well as regional celebrations across the globe at various Invensys locations.

The company’s Triconex and Foxboro Client Conference, being held at the Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, Texas, September 10 through September 13, will feature tracks devoted to users of the company’s Triconex safety systems, including presentations, hands-on demonstrations, workshops and training classes. Attendees will receive updates on safety, security and turbomachinery standards, as well as in-depth information about how these updates impact the way they maintain and operate safety systems. For more information about the conference and to register, please visit http://ourevents.invensys.com/FoxboroTriconexClientConf/pages/home.aspx.