Watlow offers SpecView HMI user interface for Watlow controllers

Feb. 17, 2009

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Watlow, designer and manufacturer of heaters, controllers and temperature sensors, has partnered with SpecView Corporation, a supplier of human machine interface (HMI) software to offer SpecView from Watlow, an easy-to-use HMI software solution that provides a cost-effective interface with Watlow controllers. SpecView interfaces with key Watlow controllers including EZ-Zone, Series F4 and Power Series product lines, among others.
Combining SpecView HMI and Watlow controllers provides users with a single point of support for the controllers and software. Customers can try SpecView, in a time-limited demo mode, by visiting http://www.watlow.com/products/software/specview.cfm.
“SpecView is a commercially accepted and proven product that incorporates years of customer-suggested and field-proven features and functionality. We are very pleased to be working with SpecView Corporation and offer SpecView from Watlow to our customers,” says Watlow product manager Sean Wilkinson.
SpecView saves setup time compared to tag-based systems thanks to its built-in support and auto-detect for Watlow controllers. Customers are spared having to learn intricate details of communication protocols in order to configure software, which decreases set up time. Additional features include:

  • Flexible data logging and report generator increases accuracy by automating data collection;
  • Easy to build, customizable screens automate many tasks with user-defined buttons and simplify monitoring and adjusting of controller parameters,
  • An alarm manager, which aids in troubleshooting and simplifies alarms through the use of plain-text messages.

Features such as support for bar-code readers and touch screens were designed with industrial users’ needs in mind. Process errors are reduced by customizing screens for specific application needs. SpecView HMI from Watlow also provides flexibility in data logging, easy-to-use recipe features, remote access options and an historical relay option.