GE Fanuc’s PACMotion in compliance with PLCopen for motion control

Dec. 4, 2008

Charlottesville, Va., December 1-- GE Fanuc Intelligent Platformshas received certificates of compliance from PLCopen, the independent organization that focuses on the harmonization of control programming around IEC 61131-2.

PLCopen represents various industries and seeks to drive more efficiency in industrial automation through creating specifications and implementations in engineering programming language. GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms fulfilled the requirements in PLCopen Compliance Procedure for Motion Control Library V. 1.1 and PLCopen Compliance Procedure for Motion Control Part 2 – Extensions, Version 1.0.

PACMotion uses GE Fanuc Intelligent Platform’s award-winning Proficy Machine Edition, an integrated programming environment for machine logic, motion and HMI all in a single program. A single programming environment allows developers to utilize common tag databases, common scripting and eliminate all synchronization logic between separate programs. Many new features, such a motion function blocks, have been added to Proficy Machine Edition supporting PACMotion.

PACMotion serves the needs of high-speed machines with a high number of synchronized axes. Industries needing this feature include packaging, assembly, woodworking and printing.