ExperTune gets wizard-builder patent

April 14, 2008

ExperTune has received a patent for its novel wizard builder technology. The patent was issued April 8, 2008. The wizard builder creates connection wizards for communication between process controllers (DCS's and PLC's) and PC based software.  In a way, it is a "wizard that builds wizards." PlantTriage performance supervision software uses this wizard technology.

To analyze an entire plant, you must first connect to hundreds of data sources in the plant control system. John Gerry, President of ExperTune says, "PlantTriage makes this easy by using a smart wizard-based bulk import. After you configure just a single control loop, the patented wizard builder uses its intelligence about specific control systems to automatically poll the control system for the data it needs. The wizard builder reduces configuration time by up to 90% and practically eliminates address configuration errors."

The result is that PlantTriage automatically imports exactly the right information from the control system database. It then reads as much information as possible directly from the process control computer, DCS or PLC. For complete flexibility, the user can direct PlantTriage to use addresses from an Excel spreadsheet. Once set up, PlantTriage monitors and assesses every control loop in the plant, assuring optimal plant operation. The Wizard Builder technology is available now in the PlantTriage Performance Supervision System.